The unconditional love of our Savior

In some ways I wish I could say I felt wonderful, had no aches and pains and enjoyed each day as one would enjoy a slow boat ride on a sunny day. Yes, in some ways it would be great to report that I had no doubts, worries, fears or anxious moments. It would be super if I could tell you I felt no pangs of sorrow, sadness or grief for various people near and dear to my heart.

There will be a day when I could share with you all these things and they would be true. In fact, you could share the same things with me and they would also be true for you. When the Lord Jesus Christ returns and wipes away our tears, perfectly heals our broken bodies and forever calms our restless hearts; that will indeed be a day of extreme rejoicing.

In a way, I am sorry to report that until that great and glorious day of our Lord's return, we are going to suffer through bouts of physical pain, mental anguish, deeply felt grief and incidents of doubt regarding ourselves and others. God never promised us utopia in this life.

In a way, I am sorry to tell you that for the rest of this earthly life, we will have times of great abundance and times of intense need. We will have times of incredible peace and times of inward conflict and gnawing doubts. We will have days when nothing hurts in our bodies and others when every joint, muscle, organ and cell screams out in pain.

There are countless millions of beautiful Christians living in shame due to the mistaken belief their suffering makes them weak or even sinners. There are countless millions of humble loving Christians who have been made to feel unclean, worthless or "bad" because they cannot muster enough faith to get instantly healed and stay that way for 60 years.

Jesus did not come to reward the perfect in this life. Jesus did not come to award the Pharisees with medallions of accomplishment for their righteous living. Jesus did not come to cast away the sick, poor and feeble as spiritual weaklings unworthy of His love. Jesus did not come to cast the first stone at sinners and point out every detail of their ugly sinful lives.

With great joy I am happy to report that Jesus came to love the unlovable like you and me! With great thanksgiving I am glad to tell you that Jesus came to heal up the broken hearted and befriend the lonely and rejected. With immense relief, I am overcome with thanksgiving to let you know that Jesus did come to help those good enough but to save those who were in such horrible condition they absolutely needed a Savior.

Until that great glorious day He calls us home, rest assured that Jesus Christ is there to hold you when the storms of doubt blow in, tenderly hug you when the physical body is wracked by disease or pain, and most of all; Jesus will never judge you, condemn you or cast you away just because you are not perfect in this life.

Jesus is there to love us and help us grow up in Him, all the while knowing our frame that we will stumble along the way and need Him to catch us when we fall. He will for that is who He is and that is what He does. He loves us unconditionally, catches us when we fall and carries us when we fail.

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

enjoyed this blog.extremely thankful to god for giving an opportunity to serve this marvellous GOD.
last paragraph is really touching ..thank you so much for sharing this thought.
praise GOD

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

One of my favorite stories in the Old Testament is the account of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. As they stood on the brink of being burned alive, there is no thundering voice from heaven shouting "Stop!". An army does not suddenly materialize nor is the King suddenly struck down. They get thrown into the flames...

I always cry when I get to the next part of the story. God allowed them to be cast into the furnace but... they are not alone in that furnace, B2Y. God is with them and... everyone sees it. What a testimony!


K :princess:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

The evil was sure sufficient for me today. Walking in the Spirit is not something the folks I deal with everyday are interested in. And Mr. Author I call it (arthritis), is a constant companion. And I think the good ole cataracts are starting up, things get blurry at times.

But compared to what Jesus Christ endured and the folks He dealt with, I ain't gonna complain too much.

This blog gives hope to the weary and downcast. Thanks. Hope you are blessed brother. God Bless.

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