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About a month ago, two swallows decided to build a nest on top of the hummingbird feeder on the back porch. I tried to dissuade them but they won, meaning I had to get another feeder for the hummingbirds I so love to watch. Since this swallow nest was right outside our sliding glass doors, I have been able to watch the progression of things since the nest was started. As has happened many times over the years, I am amazed at what these birds do.

For ten years we lived in an old house far out in the country which had a huge porch that at one time was screened and even had doors. The swallows loved to come make their nests high on that porch. I remember the first pair we named Torval and Dean (ice skaters from years ago) and over the years more and more swallows built their nests on that porch. I remember one summer there were at least five different active nests.

Swallow eat tons of bugs to feed their young. Among other reasons, that is why we have encouraged the swallows to build near the house. They really do keep the bugs down just as their cousins the Purple Martins do. Countless times I would be mowing the grass with swallows swooping down behind me catching the bugs that were disturbed by the lawn mower. Swallows provide us with a simple source of joy in our lives.

Today the little swallows in our nest “flew the coop” . It is always a somewhat sad day when this happens for it means the end of a cycle. Swallows migrate from the tropics each year to our house to mate and then the new family leaves in August to go back south. The next spring they return and somehow know exactly where the nest was they were born in the previous summer.

As sad as it is to see the little birds leave their nest, for a few weeks we will be blessed with even more swallows swooping around and keeping the bug population down around here. Near the end of July these birds will mysteriously disappear for a few days and then return for about three days before leaving for good to migrate south. I have always believed that they go to some secret swallow school for those few days to learn the ins and outs of flying thousands of miles safely.

Anyway, seeing the swallows leave their nest this morning was my 4th of July surprise and I thought I would share with you a little bit about the joy of swallows. Have a wonderful holiday in whatever you do and I pray you are safe and blessed in all you do today and this holiday (in the USA) weekend.

Many blessings 2 you,


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

You know, it really amazes me when I consider how God "wired" the birds. Less than 100 miles south of me, is a portion of the Mississippi where the water is open even during the subzero blasts of a MN winter. As a result, a number of bald eagles winter there. Last week I learned that while researchers believed eagles were monogamous, now they are not quite so sure. The evidence is showing it is actually the nest itself that attracts them, no matter how far they roam.

Enjoy the swallows while you can and when they leave, remember it is not forever. They will come again. :D


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Loved this Blog!

I love watching the birds and out tree rats (as Lowell calls them). It is awesome to see how they progress and grow thru the summer.

They never go to the store or worry about where they will live. They just know God will see to all that stuff.


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