The whirlwind of personal destruction

In a well publicized story, a man was arrested for streaking (literally no clothes at all on his body) a short distance from the President of the United States. The man had painted on his body the name of a company and he shouted out that name as he streaked through the crowd.

What would inspire someone to do such a crazy thing? Well, as it turns out, the company whose name was on the mans naked body and which he shouted out had an offer out that anyone succeeding in doing what this man did would receive one million dollars CASH directly from the billionaire owner of the company. Once again, we are forced into considering the age old question of what a person is willing to do for money.

For ages and generations, it has been proven over and over again that people are indeed willing to do just about anything for money. In fact, the more money is involved, the more daring, insane and obscene the things people will do.

What would inspire a parent to sell their own child into slavery? Money, of course. What would inspire a son or daughter to kill their parent in cold blood? Money, of course. What would inspire a person to expose themselves on camera for all the world to see? Money, of course.

The power and allure of money is not to be underestimated. When promises of untold riches are dangled in front of someone, rare it is to find anyone strong enough to resist the temptation to take the bait. Just as hunters in days gone by would tie a carrot on the end of a stick to lure a rabbit into a trap, so those who dangle promises of wealth, prosperity and a life full of every materialistic desire known to man are doing nothing but dangling a carrot in front of unsuspecting prey.

Is the promise of wealth really worth compromising ones values, integrity or reputation? Evidently it is for there have been millions of people over the years who have willingly thrown away who they really are in order to have a chance to become a millionaire.

When states first started conducting lotteries, millions of previously good and upright citizens suddenly became intoxicated with the idea they could become rich just by choosing numbers or scratching little cards. Countless elderly people became instantly addicted to spending money they did not have in a vain chase to win the multi-million dollar jackpot. To this day, the vast majority of patrons found at the hundreds of casinos in this country are retired folks who say they are there just to have fun, but in reality they are hard core addicts who literally cannot live without the daily thrill of winning and losing money.

I have a 95 year old uncle who has been addicted to gambling for many years. Before his wife died a few years ago, they would go to various casinos and/or dog racing tracks at least three days per week. After my aunt died, my cousin moved in with him and became his caregiver. She too is addicted to gambling and to this day, she drags my uncle to casinos at least three days per week.

I heard recently that my cousins father in law left them $750,000 when he died. In the years since, they have moved into my uncles home to live for free, made numerous trips to Las Vegas each year, play all the state lottery games and take my uncle gambling three times per week. Would these greedy self-serving relatives consider giving one dollar to a charity? Never in a million years. Their attitude is that poor people are poor because they wont work.

I feel sorry for these people, and although I am related to them in blood, I have nothing to do with them because they are living the LIE. What they call life is nothing more than chasing fantasies and whether in this life or the next, they will find out it was all for naught.

Never, ever underestimate the power of the love of money. It has been said that money changes people, and IT DOES! Very few people who inherit, win or make millions of dollars succeed in remaining humble. In time these people allow their money to persuade them that they are special, privileged or better than everyone else. They become elitist who look at themselves as being lords and masters of the poor and downtrodden. They usually feel they should become rulers of the people so as to prove they are the most powerful and best people on earth. They are living breathing examples of arrogance with a capital A.

Gambling is an insidious cancer that continues to creep deeper and deeper into Americas culture. As states and municipalities look for more and more sources of revenue, they inevitably turn to various forms of gambling for they provide an easy way to pick the pockets of the masses.

Over the years, I have been as guilty of falling for the lure of easy money as anyone else. But, I have learned that it is all a LIE and have chosen to take the high road even if it means doing without or having to daily bring my needs to THE MASTER. All I can do is pray for strength to withstand temptation, conviction to stand on principle and trust that God will honor His Word and provide for my needs HIS WAY.

Ask yourself this question; what would you be willing to do for a million dollars? If the answer is NOTHING which is contrary to the Word of God, then you are being honest and God will reward you in His due season. But, if your answer is anything else, I pray you take the time to repent and realize that you are being sucked into the whirlwind of personal destruction.

 Kirk M
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K Reynolds

When I was 13, I gone out to Arizona to spend a few weeks with my aunt. During that time I traveled to Nevada to spend a week with one of my mom's cousins. She lived 10 miles from Las Vegas. While there, I saw something I have never forgotten.

We'd gone to the grocery store and as we were going in, I saw a woman with a cart full of groceries and a small child of about two or three years of age sitting in it. The cart was parked between two slot machines which she was working frantically. I remember staring at her for I had, of course, never seen such a thing.

We went onto get our groceries. The store was very busy and in addition to taking a long time shopping, we waited quite a while in the check-out line. As we waited in the check-out line or that busy store, I could hear the sobbing of a child. As we left the store we passed the source of the cries. A little child sobbing and sobbing, completely ignored by her mother who was still playing two slot machines...

The sight of this and the realization of what was happening sickened me to the core. So much so that I can never hear about lotteries, casinos, etc. without remembering that day. Needless to say, it has made a lifelong impression upon me. :cry:


K :princess:

Billy Beard

Like K:princess:, I saw some things in the younger years that showed me what people will do, trying to earn fast, easy money. One of my best friends dad, would come to the pool hall in the community, every payday, and most of the time waste a lot of money on those machines. Even if he won, he would just turn around and lose it again. His family lacked food, shelter and clothing because of that. Praise God that is one area I was never tempted in.

You make an excellent point here, and it is very well written. Hope many learn from it. God Bless, Billy

Kirk M

In case someone happened to see a comment that is no longer here; 1 Timothy 6:10 makes it crystal clear that the love of money is THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL and not just one of many roots.

"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows."

People may come up with countless justifications for their desire to have much money, but one simply cannot use (or misuse) the Bible to do it.