This hope won't be deffered

I was born in 1953 but my only brother was born in 1945. The eight year age difference between us resulted in very few memories for me of times with him. By the time I was old enough to be anything other than a total nuisance, my brother was in College and soon married and living away from home.

One of the few memories (good ones anyway) that I have of my brother was a time when I was probably around 8 or9 years old for my brother was in High School but was driving. For some reason he and his best friend invited me to go fishing with them on a Saturday morning. This was unheard of for usually they would no more think of inviting me than the man in the moon.

I vividly remember not being able to sleep a wink that Friday night due to the anticipation and excitement regarding the fishing trip. I put on my fishing clothes before I went to bed so that all I had to do was put shoes on and be ready to go. My brother had told me we would have to leave early, like 5:00 am to catch the bluegill we were fishing for.

As I laid there in the bed, I could do nothing but think of what the day held in store. There was no way on earth I could possibly think of sleeping for my little mind was flush with visions far greater than even those on Christmas Eve.

What could possibly be so exciting about going fishing? I have no idea. I donÂ't know if the excitement was the time with my brother and his friend or the idea of catching fish. My dad would take me fishing and we rarely caught many fish. Besides, he went fishing to drink his beer. But, going fishing with my brother and his friend had to be spectacular for they were known to bring back tons of fish from their trips.

Finally around 4 in the morning I dozed off and went to sleep. I awoke later and was startled to see it was light outside. I jumped out of bed to see if my brotherÂ's car was parked out front. It was not. I found my dad and asked him what happened. He shrugged his shoulders and kept reading the morning paper.

Shortly after that my mom got home from work (she was a nurse who worked the night shift). The minute she entered the door I bombarded her with questions as to where my brother was and why they didnÂ't take me. She said she didnÂ't know and was tired and wanted to go to bed.

All morning I sat in my room alternating between crying and sleeping. Finally about noon my brother and his friend came in the door proudly showing off their fish. I burst into tears and slammed the door to my room. My brother never did come talk to me. He and his friend went out back and cleaned the fish and then left.

The Bible says that hope deferred makes the heart sick. If I learned any lesson from that experience many years ago it was that whatever you set your heart on to the point of being so full of anticipation for that it consumes your life had better be a sure thing. I trusted my brother and he let me down. He never had any intention of taking me fishing that morning. He was just being a big brother getting his kicks out of messing around with his little brotherÂ's mind.

I firmly believe that Christ will return and that I will spend eternity with Him. Unlike my brotherÂ's idle promises, I believe our LordÂ's promise to come again is true. I wait for His return with the same anticipation as I waited for my brother to tell me it was time to go that morning. This time my true Â"big brotherÂ" will do as He has said and take me on the greatest fishing trip of all time very soon.

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Yes, unlike people who often disappoint us, God always does what He has promised to do! He will not abandon us! I too am looking with anticipation for His return!


K :princess:


Amen B2Y.. thanks for sharing - what a disappointment it must have been. It just reminds us that we should keep our words especially to children as it will be a lifelong memory of a broken word if we do not.

Not only will the Lord's coming be sure, His Word is also sure and we can depend on our wonderful God.



Dear B2Y--Excellent story of how man cannot be trusted but our Great I AM can be. I can only "Amen!" your blog and the comments from K :princess: and ptl2008. Be blessed on your return home. :) YBIChrist--Ron


We somehow do expect more out of "Blood" than we often get. I was a big brother and so often I let mine (3 1/2 years younger) down because se seemed to be of such different temperament. He died six years ago believing that "I did not take life seriously enough" He... far to seriously and unable to turn things over to the God he knew. My last visit with him one month before his sudden death reconciled much of this, but it remained that he still thought that he was in control. He was.. he never gave it away. Thanks for the journey down that same path. milt

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