This is what I remember about last September-part one

This is my story, and I am sticking to it. The following is what I remember of the time from September 1-30, 2014.

I went to an alternative clinic because the hospital was too expensive. The clinic evaluated me and decided to send me by ambulance to a house they operated in Madison, Kansas (which coincidentally was a house we lived in for a short time in 1988). This house was like a half way house that emphasized positive thinking combined with a new age form of Christianity. They believed over time a person would be healed by basically just lying in bed and thinking positive thoughts.

I spent two months at this house doing as they wanted, lying in bed. The only two significant things I remember of those two months were that a young nurse showed up daily to make sure everything was going well physically for the people there and every morning there was a small brown paper bag delivered to each room with a pack of menthol cigarettes and regular cigarettes along with a candy bar, chips and a brochere in it. Since I did not smoke, I stuffed the packs of cigarettes in my bag and forgot about them.

On October 30, 2014, Beth came to visit. This was the first time they allowed family to visit. I pleaded with her to get me out of this horrible place. The next day, two of our friends drove all the way from St. Louis to pick up Beth because she needed to be a work the next day. Somehow, and I do not remember how, I ended up at what was to be my “home” off and on for the next month on Halloween night. There were two women home health workers assigned to take care of me. One was nice and the other one mean. I remember vividly a picture on the wall of a Korean pilot wearing his pilot's hat and uniform.

Sometime in November, Beth took me down to a house and small store on the banks of the Missouri river where we became friends with the woman who lived there. She was unhappy with her marriage and appreciated our friendship. I ended up staying there because I was so sick, I was so sick that this new friend started wrapping me in fine linens preparing me for death. I remember being loaded on a wagon drawn by horses all wrapped up in my linen clothing. The wagon was going to put up Christmas lights in a nearby town.

Evidently I got better for the next thing I remember was Beth and I in Minnesota visiting our friends Kathy and Dave for Thanksgiving. I was so sick I just lay in the bed watching television where a commercial for a weight loss program ran over and over and over. I never saw Kathy or Dave but I did see some mysterious woman with a cat. I could hear her in the living room but could not make out who she was. There was also a man there whose voice I did not recognize. I recall the dismay in my heart at having to miss Thanksgiving dinner because I was so sick. Everyone sounded so happy to be together.

After that trip, I ended up at a house we lived in for ten years in the 1990's and early 200's. I was sitting in a recliner and suddenly could not breathe. Beth called 911 and one of the local television weathermen came in the ambulance to pick me up and take me to the hospital. He treated me in the recliner and resuscitated me. He had no way to get me to the ambulance so he found a dolly and strapped me on it. He wheeled me to a strange looking ambulance and took me to a local hospital I was very familiar with.

I never made it out of the emergency room for a very long time. They put me in a bed and forgot about me. During the time I was there, I saw the nurse from Madison cutting patient's hair. She was leaving for Italy soon. I saw my dentist come in with his sick dog. I had stayed in his basement for a short time on my way to Madison. His dog was very ill and he was there to put her down. He went into a room and when he came back the dog was jumping around and acting like a puppy. My dentist said they gave her an injection of puppy fluid and she would live another ten years. He was thrilled.

After being in the emergency room for awhile I was sent to a room where my dentists' mentally challenged brother kept peeking in on me. He never talked. My room was decorated exactly like the room I was in when I came back from Madison. All the doctor's smoked so I dug out the cigarettes and started smoking too, along with Beth. One day I vividly remember telling Beth that we had to stop this smoking nonsense, and so we did.

What took place in the ensuing days is far too complicated and intense to finish in this blog, so I will have to continue it later. I can say that the first time I was coherent enough to know I was awake, I thought it was December 4th and I needed to get out of bed and go get Beth a birthday present. All that I have written and will write later encompassed the time from September 1-December 4, 2014. In reality, all this took place in the month of September.

At the end of the next blog I will divulge what really happened during this horrible time and why I thought what happened did take place. I will say that the reason was the powerful drugs I was being given during this time.