Trying to make sense of this past week's tragedies in Georgia and Louisiana

There are many things I do not pretend to understand in this crazy mixed up world. Every day there are stories which either make my head spin or leave me scratching it in utter confusion. For the most part I ignore worldly happenings as just the crazy actions of people without a knowledge of God and thus for all practical purposes, insanity. But, there were two stories which surfaced the past week which have caused me great anguish.

In both Georgia and Louisiana, authorities found exceptionally gruesome crime scenes. In Georgia a drug crazed young man murdered his entire family and in Louisiana a man shot his estranged wife, son, pregnant daughter in law and GRANDSON. He later killed himself while being pursued by the police.

When I read about these situations, my heart is both heavy with pain as well as angry as a hornet. I understand in the one situation that the man had abused his wife for years including going after her with a machete. There was a restraining order in effect, but obviously such orders do nothing to stop a crazed murderer.

I watched my dad verbally abuse my mom for years, but he never considered laying a finger on her even in his worst drunken rage. I have known men over the years who did not know any other means of communication with their wife than to yell and scream at them about everything. Yet, as verbally abusive as these guys were, they would never think of physically hurting their wives or children.

I love my wife with every fabric of my heart. It is totally beyond my mind’s ability to comprehend how a man can shoot his wife in cold blood. Just the thought of such brutality makes me crave even more the soon return of our Lord.

As much as I cannot fathom a man killing his wife, the idea of killing one’s own parents, son or grandson is totally outside the scope of my ability to grasp. It is impossible to understand how and why a person would become so deranged that he would hold a gun to his own son’s head and kill him. To then do the same to a helpless little child and a woman 6 months pregnant is absolute savagery.

I am aware of unbelievable atrocities committed in times of war and ethnic cleansing, but these usually do not include families. These are outsiders taking advantage of the spoils of victory in their warped minds. But, the idea of a father murdering his son, grandson or parents is unusual, even in the Old Testament.

Abraham so loved God and was so willing to obey His Word that he was ready to kill his own son per the angel’s command. In no way, shape or form did Abraham want to kill his own son, but if God demanded him to do so, Abraham was willing. Thank God that the lamb was provided so that Isaac was spared.

The record of Abraham and Isaac is one of love, obedience and faith. The records of the creeps in Georgia and Louisiana are ones of perversion, grotesque wickedness and obvious demon influence and possession. Honestly, I do not know how men could do what they did to their families without being absolutely possessed of demons or totally rendered insane by drugs or alcohol.

There is no logical explanation for many of the horrific things that take place in our world. There is no other way of understanding how people can possibly do some of the things they do without the devil’s direct influence being involved. If these terrible tragedies in Georgia and Louisiana prove anything, it is that without an understanding of God’s Word, including the whole field of demon possession, there is no way to explain, understand or deal with the evil man does.

I am sorry to have written on such an unpleasant subject, but my heart was so stirred as I read about these tragedies, I felt the need to do so. Please forgive me if I have in any way offended anyone in writing this. That was certainly not my intent.


B2Y soooooooo glad you can't understand those guys who did the vile deeds.
Your heart is different from theirs. Thank God you have Jesus and the love of God in your heart.
Wish they had Jesus too... if only... ... ...someone... ... ... ... ... .wishing is no use. We have to do.


Billy Beard @billyb ·

b2y, I am with you, cant understand at all. The Bible warns us the ungodly will get worse and worse, we are sure seeing that. I even find myself questioning God "why", when I think about the innocent, defenseless victims. But what would drive a person to do those things is NOT related to anything of God whatsoever! Those of us who know Him should be fervently praying "Thy Kingdom come" indeed. God Bless.


Dear b2y--I think you tagged it--the absence of the Lord in anyone's life is insanity. The only question is: "How benignly or malignantly will that insanity express itself?" Paul, speaking of what will happen as we draw closer to the Day of the Lord, said it all in 2 Timothy 3:1-9.

Then comes the rapture and the removal of the Holy Spirit from the earth, and things will really get bad. Aren't we glad we'll be at home with the Lord during the tribulation?

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