Turning lemons into lemonade

40 years ago I was a 19 year old kid with 39 year old responsibilities. I was trying to do things for the ministry I was unqualified to do but forced into doing because of need. I failed far more often than I succeeded but I can honestly say that in all matters I did my best out of pure heart. Ten years later I was still in over my head but by then the seeds of self destruction had been planted and in their due time they would sprout and swallow me whole.

There is a profound difference between trying to do things outside your realm of expertise but are willing to do out of love, and doing things you have no business doing but believing you can get away with due to self deception. It is sort of like the two forms of unbelief; one is based on ignorance and the other based on disobedience.

I remember being thrust into being the manager of a store many years ago due to the sudden departure of the manager. I sort of knew what to do but in most matters I just tried to "wing it". Because the owner of the business was not a nice man, he made my life miserable by playing with my mind and amusing himself by watching me mess things up.

I finally was fired on Mother s Day 1990 for turning the store over to my assistant to close for I was very sick and had to go to the Emergency Room for treatment. Things were different back then and employers could fire anyone at any time for any reason. I remember being devastated, angry and hurt all at the same time. It is never easy to get abruptly fired.

The reason I failed was due to lack of experience and allowing myself to trust my boss too much. When the same man came crawling to me on his knees three months later begging me to come back, I ultimately did, but under MY CONDITIONS. It took the temporary ordeal of losing my job for me to learn how to do my job the best.

Many times we do not understand why things are happening to us. They seem to be cruel and unusual punishment, unfair or unjust. Perhaps they are, but if we remain faithful to God and His Word, He can turn those lemons into refreshing lemonade. Sometimes we just have to fail before we learn how to succeed.

No one likes stumbling, bruising their knees or even breaking a bone. But, most of the time we bounce back from these falls and usually we learn a profound lesson from them. Learning by experience what we have learned intellectually is essential if we want to get wisdom and understanding in any situation. That is why we cannot be afraid of failing but rather rejoice in our temporary setbacks, knowing that we will be bigger and better people because of them.

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I was actually thinking about this very topic this morning. What we often view as setbacks are often teaching moments for God. When we seek Him during those moments, we will come through them successfully and that God will turn that "darkness" into light.


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I love lemons and I love lemonade, too! Yummy! But trouble and troublade, well, not so much! I can remember in the 70's that I was working for a bank and went on my 2week scheduled vacation. I returned to discovered my key wouldn't open the locked door. I knocked at the door to be let in but the manager came and said, "You don't work here anymore. You've been fired." I was startled and totally shocked, Fired! Why did they fire me, what did I do? Actually, they fired me without a valid reason or a warning of any kind! I filed a complaint with the corporate office and they rehired me at a different branch. I was vindicated but it was a humbling and demoralizing experience that I'll never forget. I still am not sure why that manager hated me so much. Maybe one day, Jesus will explain what that was all about if there is something worth knowing. Anyway, thanks for sharing.


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cant say i never ate my share of"humble pies/dirt...but that old saying"God made dirt and dirt dont hurt lol.. be blessed and have a great day

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B2y -

Great blog! :clap:

Setbacks remind us to be dependent on God.
Because left on our own, we would fall.
When we depend on Him, even our setbacks He'd turn into something that would make us better

I miss reading your blogs.
It's good to be here.
Have a great week ahead! :)

~ :princess: Abbie

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