Unlike man, when God makes a promise--He keeps it

I wrote a few days ago about the displeasure (actually disgust) at the lack of response to the request for prayer for my situation. What I didn't write about was "the rest of the story", which I am now at liberty to tell.

I believe the Lord showed me there were at least 7 people out there who WERE going to respond to my pleas for what I would dare call "spiritual partners". What has transpired the past few days proves again that our God is not only faithful but He is far more willing to bless His children than His children are to believe He will or can.

One by one over the past few days these people have appeared via phone calls, e-mail and visits. Lo and behold, I now have more than 7 people who have become yoked with me and me with them, and it has all transpired just since last Thursday. I sit here in awe at the mercy, grace and love of our God for me. I am humbled beyond words and words escape me as I try to grasp all that has transpired.

Back last fall I wrote a series of articles on another site trying to expose the media blackout after Hurricane Gustov. A person in California who was from Louisiana responded via a comment and we had periodically e-mailed each other ever since. This person, upon receiving my request for partners, immediately called me and we spoke in the phone for nearly two hours with much of the time devoted to prayer. The person in Alabama I still support immediately called to say she was "in".

Another person and I got to know each other from yet another blogging site. We have become quite close and are committed to praying for each other's needs. A wonderful couple I have not physically seen in 25 years but re-established contact with three years ago responded that they wanted to resume being spiritual partners like we were many years ago. One of my wife's on- line customers who is her prayer partner now wants to be mine also. My friend of almost 40 years and I have reconciled and have committed to praying for each other daily. A local believer who has been a customer at the restaurant where my wife works said he absolutely wanted to be considered a spiritual partner.

Then tonight, my dearly beloved friend whom I love deeply with a deliverance ministry in Virginia called me. He had gotten my e-mail and had been praying since, but tonight was the first time he could call. We talked and then he did as I had hoped and prayed he would do-he prayed for me.

Now when this man prays, it is no ordinary prayer. He specifically asked God to send a ministering angel to me tonight to "work on my body" and especially my heart and back. He also prayed that God would work in appropriate hearts to "send us money" which is desperately needed. There was no hooting or hollering going on, but simply one brother praying with full assurance and confidence for another brother. Never have I so looked forward to going to bed, for I think a visit by a ministering angel is even better than one from Santa Claus.

When I add into this fellowship of prayer warriors and partners many of you whom I know have been praying for me and will continue to in the days ahead; I know deep within my heart that "all will be well". There is within me a peace which I know all so well is indicative of God's promise to take care of things. I understand it will take time and the road may still be filled with potholes and boulders; but I know God is in control and all will be well.

So, for those of you who have known I was going through a valley; I just wanted to let you know that I see the mountaintop in the distance and fully expect to be on it soon. Thanks to all of you who have prayed and offered me and my various situations up to God. I consider all of you my spiritual partners. As if all this wasn't great enough, we finally got our snow this evening; about 4 inches of pure heavenly beauty. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!!

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I just looked at the little pink boxing gloves which hang on my monitor. While going through chemo, I'd seen a Nicole Johnson (a dramatist who toured with Women of Faith) video clip on YouTube called Stepping Into The Ring. It was about a woman who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and compared it to stepping into a boxing ring. The piece culminates with her saying, "Cancer doesn't have me, God has me!" That carried me through the rest of treatment and continues to carry me today. In response to an email I sent, Nicole's assistant sent me a pair of boxing gloves which help me remember...nothing "has me" except God.

While this piece referred specifically to cancer, it certainly is true of anything else we face as well. Truly he is God the God of Hope! After completing treatment, I was faced with that "little lost sheep" syndrome which is so commonly reported (at least by women). At that time, God gave me this verse:

[quote] But as for me, I will [b][i]always[/b][/i] have hope; I will praise you more and more! Psalm 71:14 [/quote]

I know you already know this but I don't think it can ever be said enough...your illness, finances, relationships and/or whatever don't have you, God has you and the very best is yet to be! C-17°|F1°[b]Praise God![/h1][/b]

Oh, and thank you for keeping your promise and taking the snow for us up here. We appreciate that. Now about this arctic air...:wink: Oh well, you can't have everything but at least I tried. My husband says we're the "frozen chosen" up here.

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