Urgent Plea for Prayer--Galveston/Houston Area

I bring the situation developing in southeast Texas to you for your prayers. Very few people in the United States have a clue concerning the catastrophe about to unfold along the Texas coast. Unlike potential hurricane Hanna which never developed, Ike has been churning for quite some time and has caused untold destruction to many places along the way.

Ike is currently slowly making his way toward the Houston area. Over the next 24 hours, Ike will finally let his plans be known as to where He is going to strike and how strong He will be. This is what we know for absolute, 100% sure:

  1. Places to the northeast of Ike will see storm surges in the 20-25 foot range with waves on top of the surge approaching 50 feet. A storm surge of this magnitude literally and utterly destroys all but the strongest structures in its path. Currently Ike is forecast to come ashore just west of Galveston, Texas thus pushing the storm surge over Galveston and into Galveston Bay and Houston. Here is what the National Weather Service in Galveston stated in their Hurricane warning:

    Life threatening inundation likely!

    All neighborhoods... and possibly entire coastal communities...
    will be inundated during the period of peak storm tide. Persons
    not heeding evacuation orders in single family one or two story
    homes will face certain death. Many residences of average
    construction directly on the coast will be destroyed. Widespread
    and devastating personal property damage is likely elsewhere.
    Vehicles left behind will likely be swept away. Numerous roads
    will be swamped... some may be washed away by the water. Entire
    flood prone coastal communities will be cutoff. Water levels may
    exceed 9 feet for more than a mile inland. Coastal residents in
    multi-story facilities risk being cutoff. Conditions will be
    worsened by battering waves. Such waves will exacerbate property
    damage... with massive destruction of homes... including those of
    block construction. Damage from beach erosion could take years to

  2. There has never been a hurricane as big as Ike with tropical storm force winds stretching over 500 miles along the Gulf Coast. A storm this huge, moving this slowly will surely produce monster waves over 70 feet high in the Gulf and will (and has) produce tides 5 to 8 feet above normal hundreds of miles from its center.

  3. Whether Ike ever becomes a true category 3 storm or not, its winds will cause widespread damage and the associated tornadoes will cause as much, or more damage than the wind.

  4. Ike will probably live in infamy as one of, if not the greatest hurricane to ever hit Texas.

There are hundreds of thousands of people full of great fear at the moment. Whether Ike stays on course to devastate Galveston and Houston or moves to the east to the Port Arthur area; somebody is going to feel the full force of a massive storm surge. Katrina sent a 25 foot storm surge to her right that wiped the coastline off the map in Mississippi. The greatest source of deaths in a hurricane are from storm surges. They are identical in every way to a giant tsunami.

At this very moment hundreds of thousands of people are in various stages of evacuation or preparing to ride out the storm. Please pray for these people that they choose wisely whether to stay or go and that God gives them strength and wisdom and most of all peace in the midst of the storm. There are many wonderful believers in the greater Galveston/Houston area and I am sure they would be comforted to know their brothers and sisters are praying for their safety and protection from Ike.

Be prepared to hear unbelievable stories of destruction wherever Ike strikes. This is an unprecedented storm with a surge unlike any ever experienced along the Gulf coast. All those directly and indirectly affected need our support and prayers. Thank You.

Blessings 2 You

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

The situation is getting more dire by the hour. "Worst cast scenario" is being used more and more by those who forecast and track storms. Ike is strengthening and is aiming directly at the Galveston/Houston area.

We could see, in the next 24-36 hours the worst natural disaster to hit the United States in its history. Decisions were made yesterday to tell millions of people NOT to evacuate but stay home and "hunker down". This could end up being a death sentence for thousands of innocent people who obeyed orders and did as they were told to do. Please pray for this situation for it is unlike anything ever experienced before.

There is an extremely high chance this storm will continue strengthening today and end up adding major hurricane winds to its super hurricane storm surge.

We are dealing with the 4th biggest city in the United States and far and away the largest concentration of oil and gas related businesses in the country. What is getting ready to happen down there is a humanitarian, environmental and structural catastrophe. This is the real deal folks. This is no Hanna or even Katrina. This is the storm everyone has feared might happen sooner or later.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters who must endure a living hell the next 36 hours and beyond.

Thank You.

Wesley Anderson @wesley0115 ·

Blessings to You,

I appreciate your research on this storm as well as your compassion. We will be in prayer for these people, and hope that salvations be the major result from this disaster.


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