Was it just a coincidence or were angels involved?

This past Monday, I was scheduled to have a procedure done where I needed to be a t a hospital at 1:30. This did work at all with Beth's scheduled time off so she decided that this past Monday would be the first time in years that she would drive to work. I consented but only if she drove on the service road, took our van (instead of the car) and that I lead the way to a gas station about half way to her work.

While she was getting ready, I pulled the van out of the garage and parked it so all she would have to do is put it in drive and go. I would get in the car and lead her to the gas station. All she had to do was follow me and then drive the 10 or so miles on the service road to work.

She came out and got in the van (I had already started it). I was walking over to start the car when I noticed that one of the headlights on the van was out. I waved my hands and told Beth that there was no way she could drive with only one headlight. As she got out of the van, I looked down and saw the driver's side front tire looked flat. I ended up taking Beth to work in the car and planned to get the tire and headlight fixed later in the morning.

I ended up having a bad day Monday and never called AAA or taking it in to get the light fixed. At some point later in the afternoon after Beth was home. I went out and noticed the tire was not flat but just low on air. On a hunch, I went in and turned on the van and the lights, and low and behold they BOTH worked. The next day I had a new valve stem put on the tire and the headlight continues to work fine.

We have no other explanation for what happened than other than God ordered an angel to come down and momentarily make the left headlight not work that morning. This was the only way to alert us to the bigger problem of the tire that was very low on air. Is such a thing possible? Is it really possible that God would dispatch an angel to fiddle with the wire on a headlight just to STOP us from doing something? Of course it is available, for this is as much angel's jobs as delivering gifts and fighting the bad guys.

Far too often I think we tend to forget about the role angels play in our lives. Since rarely are they visible to us (at times they are), we tend to write things off as coincidence when in reality it was God fulfilling His promise to take care of us and protect us. Angels are nothing to be afraid of or question the reality of. They are indeed real and used by God as special messengers to deliver a message from Him to us and at other times to help in the spiritual battles we find ourselves engaged in.

The Book of Hebrews says that each one of us who ends up believing, had a guardian angel watching over us until we believed. Whether this angel was one such as Clarence in “It's a Wonderful Life” is highly doubtful. The truth is that each one of has a guardian angel to thank for keeping us alive until such a time we did Romans 10:9. Pretty cool huh.