We all really need to grow up and put away our childish toys

I must confess that my heart is heavy and a bit burdened. I understand that most believers donÂ't grasp the reality of why we are here on this earth. For most, this life continues to either be some kind of walk in the park or a relentless series of ups and downs. Lost in the shuffle, it seems, is the real purpose in our drawing breath which is to bring glory to God.

Here are some observations I have based on my recent travels along with things happening here and within Christianity as a whole:

  1. Any believer who does not consciously make an effort to keep things like anger, pride, ego and other destructive thoughts and actions under control ends up out of control. Once this happens then people get hurt and the body suffers intense pain. There is simply no excuse for allowing such attributes of the old nature such as anger, wrath, undercutting, backbiting, slandering, desire for revenge and a multitude of similar things to go unchecked in our lives.

  2. Believers who are of a sensitive heart always end up getting hurt by those whoÂ's only purpose in life, or so it seems, is to prove to everyone they are always right. When one person decides his/her way is the only way, then everyone else must follow along, get angry and start a fight or get frustrated and walk away.

  3. Those with the biggest mouths usually are those who have the least amount of heart within them. Those who depend on words to promote themselves are those with the least to promote. Those who pound the drum and blow the trumpet to call attention to themselves are almost always the most superficial people on earth.

  4. People tend to forget the important things they learned last week but somehow always remember the times they were hurt, abused, neglected or injured 50 years ago.

  5. The entitlement mentality has permeated churches and charities to the point the very idea of being a volunteer is a foreign concept. The attitude of Â"whatÂ's in it for meÂ" runs so deep among groups trying to do good things, they usually fail before they begin.

  6. Most people are so preoccupied with themselves, their needs, their wants, their crisis situations, their families, their jobs, their hobbies, their looks and their lusts that they are totally unaware of the needs of those around them. Most people are so preoccupied with trying to figure out how they are going to bless themselves today that they have no inclination, time or resources to bless anyone else.

  7. All men are liars, even Christians.

  8. Religion never helped anyone be more spiritual, more loving or more in fellowship with God.

  9. Unless we deliberately and consciously make the attempt to Â"put onÂ" the new man and renew our minds to the Word of God, we are doomed to being just like those in the world we claim to be so different from.

  10. Deep within most people is the intense desire to help, but for most, that desire is never fulfilled due to a truckload of excuses, distractions and unbelief.

My heart aches for this site because I know many things have taken place around here the past few months which have divided the body and caused many to leave. Just as in Christianity as a whole, pride gets in the way of working out differences and egos take precedence over humility. It pains me when people simply walk away instead of attempting to resolve situations. It is a sad but very true statement that there are more Christians who abhor other Christians than there are non Christians who do.

Unless we are willing to manifest humility, seek peace and pusue it and lay down our weapons of destruction and pick up the elements of love, we are doomed to nothing but division, bickering and ultimately destruction. Jesus said that a house divided against itself will never stand. Beelzebub is the master of division and once allowed into a church, fellowship, marriage or any other place where more than one person abides, he will not leave until he succeeds in dividing and conquering his prey.

My heart aches for many of you and the incredible trials of faith you are going through. My heart aches for the loneliness so many of you feel as you attempt to fight your battles alone. My heart aches for the casualties that have taken so many good and valiant people from our midst. My heart aches for I know that just as in the world, if pride is allowed to reign, then nothing good will ensue.

I pray that we may all grow up in Christ and manifest His qualities instead of those of the world or the old nature. I pray that we put away the childish things that benefit no one else and seek instead to do whatever we can to bless others. I pray that in all matters we seek to edify and at no time deliberately set out to inflict hurt or pain on another. Thank you.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

As I read though your list of observations, I could not help but think about how guilty I am of so many of them. May we all take your words to heart and remember to daily lay ourselves down at the foot of the cross and let Christ reign in our lives!


K :princess:


B2Y what you so perceptively depict is that we all have sinned and come short of the glory of God and we all need the grace of God to save us from ourselves.

Thanks for the reminder.


Jamie Degonia @girlforgod ·

I agree completely with you and the others, but I would like to add one very important truth... The Word of God is specific on who we wrestle with...whether its the pains of the world or the pains from people. We MUST realize our fight is not with people or earthly things, our fight is with satan and his demons that roam around seeking whom they may devour. For WE wrestle NOT against FLESH and BLOOD but against principalities and powers against the rulers of the darkness of this world... I said this in my last blog I think, but life is choice driven and we must (for the sake of ourselves and our testimony..as well as, the lives we may or may not come in contact with) choose to plead the blood and do as you say..."put on" the new and take off the old. We must bind our minds, wills, and emotions to that of Jesus. We must loose all the wrongs, both physical and spiritual to our creator and allow Him to manifest Himself to us making us and forming us more into His image. Great blog, precisely correct, and you truly are a wise man:)

Dorothy Von Lehe @revgenlink ·

What you have spoken to in this blog includes the reason why I have taken a brief pause from the series on divine healing.

When starting the series, I felt moved to write a sidebar and God gave me this verse: Galations 5:15 that is worth repeating- "But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another."

I would like to add these verses from Galations 5, verses 25-26: "If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit. Let us not be desirous of vain glory, provoking one another, envying one another."

I have been saddened by the tone of some of what has been happening here on CB. Even to the point of questioning whether or not to continue and wondering if this is the group I should be ministering with and to.

I agree with girlofgod. B2Y you truly are a wise man.

Patsy S. Momary @possum ·

b2y, I too enjoyed reading your blog because you implore us to love as He loved us. I didn't enjoy seeing myself in so much of what you are seeking to call attention to, but as I used to get "direction correction" from my parents, I find it necessary to take those suggestions now from my brothers and sisters in Christ. Thank you for being used of Him once again. Blessings, PSM

Steve Cohen @mrgramps ·

I am so sorry your heart is so troubled. May I humbly suggest you give your burden to our Lord Jesus. He is able to handle this load a whole lot better then you or any one of your brothers and sisters in Christ. Since that is the case, why tell us about it? Bring the burden to Jesus.
As I read through your list I couldn't help to think that perhaps you have some unforgiveness in your heart; at any rate it does appear to me that you are keeping a record of wrongs; a cry for help saying, "please everyone grow-up; I can't take it anymore."
Please, give your burden to the Lord Jesus. He has been dealing with this sort of thing since He created you and me and the entire human race. That is the whole reason He came to die for the sins of the world so we--all of us--can be under His grace.
I have been battling sin in my life ever since I came to Christ over thirty years ago. I am sure that is also true for you. If a certain person or group of individuals are pickering or fighting bring it to God through Jesus Christ in prayer. I ask you, "what about the Christians in parts of the world that are undergoing severe persecution for their faith. Are we not suppose to pray for their persecuters--that they too can come to the knowledge of Christ? Is this any different? Is this list of human weaknesses greater in scope then a heart that deliberately punishes a Christian sole? Instead of conplaining about the weaknesses in others, I must humbly suggest you work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, and leave the work designed for the Holy Spirit--to the Spirit. Life is a process, and the work of the Holy Spirit has promised to bring the work He has started in us to completion until the day of Jesus Christ [paraphrase]. I will rest in that promise, as I hope each of us will also. This is God's work in us; if we could of done this work ourselves Jesus would never of had to come to save the sinner from death. Jesus has given us Life in place of death. Let us rejoice in that!
May the love of Jesus Christ calm your heavy heart and may He envelope you with His peace.
Jesus loves you!


Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

first i want to thank my brother for writing this blog. second i want to thank everyone who's heart was moved to respond to this blog. i have been growing spiritually sice i joined this site and no longer am i having the atitude"this is the way i was taught.. that is so spiritually arrigant and snobby.. i pray this helps someone be blessed

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

I can't add much except AMEN!

And perhaps a bit of a sidebar here, when you say that our purpose in this life is to glorify God, I have to add that this includes our marriage and our jobs. When you ask people why they got married, they generally say, because I love him/her or because she/he makes me happy, or because we're best friends, and on and on. Well, the purpose of marriage is not to bring yourself happiness -- although in truth, we hope that is the case. The purpose of marriage, as everything else, is to bring glory to God. Likewise for our jobs, we think we have this job because this is where our gift is, this is what we are skilled in, this is where our passion is, this is where the money is and the way to provide great things for our family -- again, in truth we hope that is the case. But when the boss is a real pain in the neck or the co-worker stabs us in the back, our purpose is still to bring glory to God. And the answer is not always to find another job :)

Great blog, brother, thanks for writing.

Bob Wagner @pastorbob ·

One of the biggest contributors to the things you have listed is the lack of accountability between Christians. When people sin we turn the other cheek and make statements like well, we all sin, they are only human, we need Gods grace, or love them anyway. Which are all true, but what happened to go and sin no more or if you are not willing to carry your cross, you can't even call yourself a disciple? When was the last time you even seen a church member rebuked before the entire congregation for not living a Christian lifestyle? Remember Jesus was harder on religious folks than He was on non-believers and don't forget to read how Paul responded to the church of Corinth. We on the other hand come hard against non-believers and allow the church to become just as immoral as the world.
According to the Barna report there is virtually no difference in the way Christians and Non-Christians live.

I think we have swung the pendulum way too far to the left. But then again, God said there will be times like this.

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