What do you need to be contented?

Yesterday the farmers harvested the soybeans which occupied the huge field adjacent to our property. This morning as I took my wife to work and then coming back home I saw skunks, raccoons, possums and rabbits all acting like they were drunk as they wondered about the barren field. Obviously their homes, hiding places and source of food had mysteriously vanished and they were disoriented and confused.

There are no guarantees in this life that we will never have to endure hardship, loss or even destruction of our homes or source of employment. Anyone who insists on demanding a nice house, comfortable lifestyle and an abundance of resources is someone who fails to understand the true reality of what God intends this life to be.

The apostle Paul stated in 1 Timothy 6 that we should be content with having food, clothing and a roof over our heads because these are needed to survive. A homeless person does not need much to be happy does he? For someone who has nothing, ANYTHING becomes a treasure. For someone who is hungry, a piece of bread with mold on it is a feast but for someone who is used to the "high life", that bread is nothing but garbage.

I think the current "Western culture" represents both the best and worst of life. Sure, the incredible advances in technology have made available resources for learning and entertainment that were but a dream a few generations ago; but at what cost? Long gone are the quiet evenings where the family gathers around the stove to read, talk and laugh. Long gone are the simple times when a beautiful sunset provided more joy than a hundred clowns.

Money may be able to buy happiness but it cannot buy JOY. Money may be able to buy peace of mind but it cannot buy true PEACE. Money may be able to buy romance but it cannot buy LOVE. When one's emphasis is focused on the temporal and carnal things of this world, the need for resources to get such things increases proportionately. When one's emphasis is focused on the spiritual things of God, the need for resources decreases accordingly.

All those animals I saw this morning wanted and needed was a field of soybeans to be content. But, when that field vanished, their ability to survive and find contentment vanished with it. I am sure those animals will either find new homes and food or not survive. Such is the simplicity of life unencumbered by "things" and the pressure to get and keep them.

In these turbulent times, I pray every one of us reevaluates our priorities and reestablishes our resolve to be devoted to our Lord Jesus Christ and NOT be slaves to this world. I pray that we seek to simplify our lives and in so doing become free to enjoy the beautiful things of God He has given to us and will give to us if we look to Him and Him alone.


One thing that is vanishing is communication-try talking to someone nowadays who is NOT glued to the cell phone, computer, t.v. , etc. I also pray for simplification of our lives! Thank you for sharing, dear brother and God Bless you richly! Dave

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Over the past few years I have learned a lot about what really matters. I have also learned that it is true. Nothing can take away your joy... unless you let it.


K :princess:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

[quote]I pray that we seek to simplify our lives and in so doing become free to enjoy the beautiful things of God He has given to us and will give to us if we look to Him and Him alone.[/quote]

As one of the many people who have had to simplify their lives I can attest to the freedom this life-change brings. God is good - ALWAYS.


What do I need to be contented? My automatic answer should be "God and God alone"... but if I allow the question to sink deep within me, and if I were totally truthful... i think I would get my needs and my wants mixed up!

This is a very good question, one that actually cuts pretty deep.

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