What does it mean to be found faithful?

It seems that with each passing day, I find myself less and less interested in being anything other than a simple man whose only accomplishment in life is remaining faithful to God. Long gone are any dreams of traveling all around the country, attending mega functions or other things that used to preoccupy my thinking and drain my resources. My only desire now is to be found faithful.

Faithfulness is not measured by how many or what kind of good works one does. Faithfulness is not the outward things we do to prove our faith but rather the state of our relationship with God in our hearts. Unfortunately, many Christians confuse activity with accomplishment. They assume that all their good deeds make them faithful. In reality, faithfulness is not determined by how much one does but rather what is within their heart.

We have a 14 year old dog many of you have heard me talk about. Sheba has a permanently fractured leg that is wrapped to provide a little stability. Due to her age and physical limitations, Sheba can no longer keep us safe from those evil squirrels and rabbits that she used to chase. Occasionally she may still bark at them, but that is the extent of what she can actually do.

Every evening, Sheba goes outside and spends about an hour barking nonstop at whatever is out there (or she thinks is out there). When she comes back in, I always tell her what a good "watchdog" she is and she always wags her tail and smiles for she knows she is still being useful and worthy of living here and being fed.

My love for Sheba is not based on her barking, but she thinks it is. My love for Sheba is there because of her faithfulness and love for me. I love Sheba because she is always under my desk when I am there working, next to the bed when I sleep and in the van when I go somewhere. Her companionship and obvious love for me proves her faithfulness and brings great joy to my heart.

Almighty God yearns for our fellowship. He wants us to draw nigh unto Him, curl up at His feet and tag along as He does all His "God stuff". Whether we are physically, mentally or financially able to race around the world evangelizing the heathen, standing at a pulpit teaching the multitudes or climbing on the church roof to fix a leak is not what is most important in this life.

That which we should strive for more than anything else is to be found faithful in our love and adoration for our Lord. There is nothing that brings greater joy to our God's heart than when His people prove by their attitudes and actions they love Him with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. Love proves our faithfulness and our faithfulness proves our love for God.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

When my husband and I were visiting you and your wife this past December, I remember watching Sheba's reaction when you went outside and she could not follow. I think I even wrote a blog about it. She remained patiently alert, ears twitching to detect the slightest sound of your voice or your footstep.

Even though it is not easy for her to get around nowadays, she still keeps her faithful vigil. She has a "job" to do. Keep watch over and protect those whom she loves. You know what? Despite her physical condition, should danger come, she would fight to protect you and Blest... even to her death.

Oh that we might be found faithful to God... even unto death!


K :princess:

Vincent Chough @clayonmyeyes ·

Lovely examples and images of how we should see our God.

"That which we should strive for more than anything else is to be found faithful in our love and adoration for our Lord."


Grace and blessings,


Amen and Amen!!

I find the older that I get the more I wish for nothing more than to, "curl up at His feet."

Thank you so much for your Blog.



Words that comfort, words of wisdom.
Thank you for sharing them.

In my job I have many hours to think among those thoughts is this very subject, faithfulness. In my life there are more than a few times I dropped the ball in doing a good work or in prayer or even just being a silent a witness. All these have come up in my thoughts and more.

I have said 'Lord I have not been faithful' and have felt the comfort of 'you have always remembered to turn to Me'.
Guess I'm much like Sheba, I go out do my little job then return to hear the voice that lifts my heart and soul with peace and joy.

In the love of the spirit you are truly a blessing.

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