What does it take to be a person of integrity?

What is a MISTAKE? Officially it means to make an incorrect, unwise or unfortunate decision or action caused by bad judgment, lack or information or care. It also can refer to something that is incorrect. In its least common denominator, a mistake is an error or a misstep.

It has been said that to err is human, and I certainly can attest to that fact. We all make plenty of mistakes every day and probably more than we realize. Making an error is bad, but what is worse is either denying it or failing to rectify consequences arising from that mistake.

What should have been a busy but highly productive week for us here at the B2Y ranch has turned into one of the most difficult weeks we have endured in quite awhile. The reason this has become a very trying week is mainly because of mistakes made by others and their corresponding failure to accept responsibility for them or do anything to correct them.

We all know that customer service is defined as a joke in most modern dictionaries. But, some of the things we have had to endure this week border on flat out incompetency. When companies built on impeccable and highly rated customer service allow that service to slip into the abyss of excuses instead of solutions; there is going to be major problems.

We cannot always keep from making mistakes, but we sure can do all we can to correct them. None of us should demand perfection from ourselves or others, but we do have a right to expect a person or business to make amends for errors which are entirely their fault.

I pray that we all never forget the impact we have on others, both when we do good and when we make mistakes. I pray we never allow ourselves to get lifted up with pride and break our hands patting ourselves on the back for all the righteous acts we do and that we never hide behind the cloak of ignorance or arrogance when we mess things up.

It takes a person of great integrity to remain humble when praised and accept responsibility when confronted with mistakes. As for me, I want to be one of those kinds of people.

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Being retired, I don't have to deal with people on that level too much anymore, but I remember when, and I agree with you. - Bibleguy64

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I am reading this just as I am about to go to the post office and inquire for about the sixth time why on earth they insist on periodically attempting to forward my husband's mail out to our son in Nebraska. This last time the item (a check) was returned to the sender as undeliverable. Hm...
So at the moment, I am looking at both sides of your blog. Can I accept responsibility when confronted with mistakes? Can I be "graceful" when I confront others with their mistakes? I would like to think that I was understanding five times but now...
I must not do that however. While I must not ignore this mistake and not neglect attempting to make sure it does not happen anymore, I still must recognize it for what it is. A mistake which we are all guilty of doing for we are all human.


K :princess:


As you said- in humility! Thank you for sharing dear Brother and God Bless you richly! Dave

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

This blog and I thank you reminds me of a gentlemen on a bike to stopped me at work yesterday. He said you gave me a speeding ticket when I was driving on site yesterday. You told me one thing and wrote something different on the ticket. I then told him if i did what he said then I am sorry for my mistake.Then just before lunch found my other boss and told him what I told that gentlemen. He thanked me for my honesty and then I went to lunch.


Every once in a while I have to refocus. On yeah, "do all things as unto the Lord." I suspect he would prefer my best. At work I take ownership; in other words I treat the place as though it was mine and how would I want it to run. That becomes exhausting, and stressful when those who work around you do not feel the same way. I cannot physically do my job and all theirs. My girlfriend tells me to just do mine own.
I guess I will figure out, until then I am just the worker bee that has a hard time stopping.
Thanks for letting me vent.

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