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What if this day was to be your last one? published by
What if this really was the last day we had to live this life as we know it
What if this really was the last day we had to live this life as we know it? Would this day be any different than all that came before it? Would the things that were so important last week still be of any importance today?

God, in His infinite wisdom, saw fit for us NOT to know the specifics of our own mortality or the timing of His Son s glorious return. God knew that, by our very nature, if we knew the exact hour we were going to die or the exact day of Christ s return; we would procrastinate as far as doing well and spend weeks in depression awaiting the end of our mortal lives.

I know many people who insist on waiting until the last possible moment to pack for a trip, get ready for a function or prepare for work. By nature, most of us tend to put off until the last possible moment things that demand preparation, time and work.

I have known people in my life that faithfully read their horoscope, consulted with astrologers and even allowed themselves to be hypnotized just to catch a glimpse of what lies ahead. People are fascinated with what the future holds and many are terrified of the ultimate end to this life. Certainly the fear of death is the biggest and most terrifying of all fears.

Long ago I came to grips with my own mortality. When I danced with death time and time again first in late 1990 s and then again just two years ago, in order to not go crazy I had to stare the fear of death down and establish in my own life that it would in no way influence my thinking or enslave me. I am thankful that I did this for that fear has no influence over me.

I refuse to be intimidated by the fear of dying any more than I refuse to be motivated by the fear of Christ s return. I want to be found faithful to Him day in and day out; not just the day before He comes back. Perhaps this is exactly why God set it up for no man to know the time or day His Son will return.

In all matters we really need to strive to be motivated by the love for and of God in our lives. We need to corral those fears that torment and enslave us and refuse to be their slaves. We need our love for God to inspire us to draw close to Him and show forth His Majesty and Greatness. Whether we have one day or 10,000 days remaining in this life, we should live each day as if it is our last and look forward to each day as THE DAY we all long for.

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Kirk M is a retired minister living with his wife and animals in rural eastern Missouri
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Published: May 20 2011 04:38:57am

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Billy Beard (@billyb)

I think you nailed it brother. Be ready, and we don't know exactly when. We can only see the fulfillment of all He said to watch for. And, we even disagree about all of those. The wise will be watching and ready, whether we leave personally by death, or are alive when He returns, and put on immortality then.

Personally I believe that is also why we can not claim any one church, with all of its doctrines, to be the 'only one'. There is plenty of pride and condemnation going around as it is. There would be even more hate and such then. One only needs to look at the ones who do so now. There are the faithful, true believers in every part of His body.

Great blog.

K Reynolds+ (@kreynolds)

You know my "story" full well so I will not go into it again but as you know, I have very good reason to stand with you in full agreement. We are never promised the next moment here in this world and things can change in an instant. For me the question is not "When will He come?" The question is, "Are we being a good and faithful servant, laboring for the Master until He tells us our job here is done?"


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks (@poodlelady)

I was totally oblivious to the fact that someone said the world was gonna come to an end today until I went on FB and people there were making comments about it. So did that change my day -No I still did all that I needed to do. Talked to a few of my children and grandchildren and ask them if they were ready -some said yes -some were unsure and some said no. That gave me the oppertunity to discuss the coming of Christ and the fact that we are living in the end times and they need to take a good look at their lives and decide where they want to spend eternity.
It's now 5:55pm and if this is the last day of my life on earth - it's been a wonderful day!

Wonderful blog B2Y

Joseph Walls (@josephwalls)

This was my first blog to read on this website. So true! I enjoyed everyones input. No eye has ever seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those that love him. I look forward to reading and learning more from this website. Bless you all.

Kirk M+ (@blessings2you)

I am thankful you chose this to be your first blog and I pray your time here is a blessing 2 you!

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