What is boldness?

In my younger (and wilder) days, I took pride in being a revolutionary, especially when it came to spiritual matters. It mattered little to me what people in this world thought of me because I was 100% devoted to proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Although this sounds like a good thing, I tended to be abrasive at times and that abrasiveness turned off far more people than it ever helped. Since I did not care what others thought, I failed to see I needed to change in order to be more of a blessing to others.

As I grew older (and wiser), I discovered that sometimes it is far better to live what you believe rather than blow a trumpet to announce what one is supposed to believe and how one is supposed to live. In honestly reflecting upon my life, I saw that I was guilty of the very thing I detested when I was a teenager and prompted me to flee organized Christianity, and that was being a hypocrite.

It is one thing to yell and tell people to think a certain way or live in a specific manner, but it is quite a different story to actually do those things oneself. If I had one gigantic flaw in the way I presented the Gospel for years, it was that far too many times I was guilty of wagging my finger at people telling them what they had to do instead of holding my hand out and urging people to grab hold and follow me.

Pointing fingers, judging, criticizing, scolding and berating another person rarely accomplish much of any good thing. Preachers have been doing these very things for generations in the name of boldness. Unfortunately, this misconception of what boldness really means has either driven many people away from the Gospel or driven them into the ground, making them feel inferior and worse; a dirty rotten scoundrel (because of their sin).

Boldness can be defined simply as the freedom and frankness to speak without fear. Boldness has very little to do with the tone of voice or the volume of one's voice. Boldness has everything to do with the ability speak the truth in love without any fear or trepidation. Jesus Christ spoke with boldness throughout His ministry. The apostles in the early chapters of Acts spoke with boldness. The Apostle Paul wrote his epistles with great boldness. Boldness is essential if one wants to speak with authority and therefore be judged as someone worth listening to.

The Holy Spirit within us is what allows us to be bold. Our firm belief that we are Ambassadors for Christ and have been given the ministry of reconciliation gives us the authority to be bold. Our knowledge and understanding of God, Jesus Christ and all things pertaining to life and Godliness gained through diligent study of the scriptures gives us the boldness we need to really help others.

Are we not drawn to those who appear to know what they are talking about? Do we not feel comfortable taking heed to things said or written by those who speak with authority? Can we not receive a message presented with boldness, even if it were done in a whisper or with shaking voice?

Boldness allows us to simply speak the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Boldness enables us to overcome the fear that tries to shut us up and run away. Boldness is the great ingredient that is needed to effectually and effectively minister to others with the love of God in manifestation.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said for it is not our boldness that matters but Christ's boldness as we surrender our 'so called' boldness to him.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I am afraid I have struggled with that same thing over the years for I tend to be opinionated and rather outspoken. I have had to learn the hard way that you catch more flies with honey... and I am still learning that.

There is a time to speak up and there is a time to merely listen and quietly let your actions be an example. May we seek God for wisdom as we remember, it is not about us. It is about Him.


K :princess:

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

There are always three things that happen when the gospel is preached or taught. Some will mock and turn away, some will consider it and thing about it and some will be convicted of the truth and be saved. This is true of any kind of teaching or preaching of God's word. If we wait till we're perfect to share the gospel we never will. It is not necessary to yell or scream or get angry to share the gospel, telling someone what the Lord has done for you is enough. We also don't need to act like the weak-sister who is too shy to look someone in the eye and tell them the truth. If we believe there is anything we can do so as to not offend anyone with the truth we have not been reading our Bibles. The lost and unbelieving will always be offended if they are told the truth about their position before a Holy and Righteous God and their need to repent and believe. Many of them will simply not accept that they are worthy of judgment. Jesus told His disciples to shake the dust off their feet and move on. No, I don't believe hitting someone over the head with my Bible is the way to be a witness for the Lord and if they don't see a true and sincere love in us for them as fellow human beings who are desperately in need of God they are unlikely to listen. It takes prayer, Godly wisdom and boldness to share our faith. I pray we would all come to the point in our walk with the Lord that we have the love for the lost and the boldness to do as we are commanded.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Went through all the verses where 'boldly' and 'boldness' is used in the NT. (G3954,3955). It was granted by God to glorify His Son Jesus Christ. They were led and filled with the Holy Spirit.

When granted for these reasons God used mightily. Any other act of boldness I don't believe would be that effective.

Thanks for sending me to the scripture, to learn on the subject. God bless brother

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