What is Christianity?

C is for CHRIST who is the beginner and finisher of our faith, our Savior, Redeemer and Lord

H is for HUMILITY which Jesus manifested in becoming a servant and laying down His life

R is for REDEMPTION which was granted through the sacrifice of Jesus precious blood

I is for IMMORTALITY which is what Christ now is as He sits on the right hand of God

S is for SALVATION which gives us the promise of eternal life through all Christ did

T is for TRUTH which is what Jesus Christ was, is and always will be

I is for INTERCESSION which Jesus Christ lives forever to make on our behalf

A is for AUTHOR which Jesus Christ is of our faith

N is for NAME which is above every name which God gave Jesus in the resurrection

I is for INHERITANCE which Christ has reserved for us eternally in heaven

T is for TRIUMPH which is what Christ did to the devil when God raised Him from the dead

Y is for YES which is what we said to Christ when we got saved

Christianity is not just a word we throw around but is the very essence of our faith. Wrapped up in Christianity is everything Jesus did for us through the shedding of His blood and everything God did for us through the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

Christianity is not only who we are but what we are. We are Christians and as such, we strive to live as Christ would live, think as Christ would think, speak as Christ would speak and do as Christ would do. We have Christ within us and in this life we strive to put on Christ and become more and more like Him.

Christianity is not a religion, for religions are made by man. Christianity is our FAITH which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Christianity is who we are because of what He did.

The more we learn about all that was accomplished on our behalf through the suffering and death of Jesus, the more we learn what it means to be a servant. Jesus emptied Himself of all His glory and honor and humbled Himself, being willing to die on our behalf.

When God raised Jesus from the dead, He gave Him a name which is above every name which is CHRIST. Jesus Christ our Lord is THE name which causes demons to tremble and is the greatest name in the universe. Every knee must bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is both Lord and Christ.

I pray God continues to open the eyes of your heart as you learn more and more about who Jesus Christ is and everything we have in and through HIM. Truly what we have been given is exceeding abundantly above anything we could ever ask or think.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree. Christianity is not just who we are, it is what we are.


K :princess:

Nikki Brown @nikkibrown ·

What a wonderful blog!
When people ask me what my religion is, I say, "I don't have a religion... I just have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I am a christian."

Thank you for sharing!


Like that poem , dear Brother. Christianity-living as Christ in us! Thank you for sharing and God Bless you richly! Dave

Juan Galvan @lordisawarrior ·

Very nicely done. I totally agree that Christianity is not a religion but a relationship, one we share with the world in Christ Jesus.

Thank you for that nice poem!

Deb Adams @beelady ·

blessingstoyou: WOW! This is a powerful message! It needs to be on a calendar. Yes. Yes. Yes. and YES! Jesus Christ, "the essence of our faith." Christianity not a religion, but our faith." "Christianity not who we are, but what we are." "Jesus Christ, the name above all names."

Thank you for this wonderful statement and reminder of who we are as Christians and what we stand for! God bless.

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