What is the "more abundant life"?

It seems that most of my life I have been and fought for the underdog in almost everything. I have found myself in the minority on just about every issue. I do not have a clue what it would be like to flow with the river or walk with the wind, for I have spent most of my life fighting the current and walking against the wind.

I have lived long enough and fought enough battles to know pretty much what is going on most of the time. I wasn't born yesterday and I take great pride in the diploma that hangs on my wall saying I graduated from the school of hard knocks years ago. I know what it is like to be without, to have no money and to have no friends. I know what it means to go without for long periods of time, sacrifice in order to give and what it takes to serve others 18 hours per day.

I know what it is like to go in debt and end up buried under that debt with no way out. I know what it means to chase the fantasies of this world, looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I know what it feels like to be deceived and in turn, what happens when a person does not seek deliverance from such a state. I have been at the bottom of the rock pile looking up at the crowds laughing me. I have crawled on my belly through the desert of loneliness praying for just one person to love me.

I am painfully aware of what it means to be a complete and utter failure. I am painfully aware of the weakness of the human flesh and mind. I know by experience the road that leads to self destruction and oblivion. I am acutely aware of the path that leads to rejection and isolation.

I have had the joy of hearing the applause and screams of adoring multitudes. I have sat at the peak of mountains looking down on the kingdom I built. I have been looked up to and sought out for insight and wisdom. I know what it means to be on the fast track to success and fame.

My life and life's work have been destroyed more times than I can remember. I have little if anything this world wants. Most who come to know me quickly depart, not wanting to be associated with such a "loser".

I willingly allowed my life to end up this way. It was not stolen from me. When I committed more than just my mouth to my Lord, life as I once knew it vanished forever. Many speak of their commitment to God and how much they have given on His behalf. But, unless a person turns every ounce of their life over to God, it is just cheap talk.

Just as Jesus demanded the rich young ruler sell all and follow Him, so He demands the same today. Yet, there are very few who are willing to part with all this world has given them even though it keeps them from committing and surrendering everything to Him. That's right; the world has bribed most Christians into believing it can meet their needs with enough left over to fulfill their greeds.

To say God wants Christians to be rich just to impress and win over the unbelievers contradicts everything my life stands for. My God told me just the opposite and I take pride in saying that I count all this world has to offer as dung compared to the excellency of the knowledge of Him who gave Himself for me. I have nothing this world promotes as needed or wanted in this life. I don t want anything this world says you MUST have or do to be considered successful.

I would gladly be considered a failure by the world and be precious in God's sight, than to have all the wealth of this world and be turned away by God at the last day. Those who cannot live without all the world has to give have my deepest sympathy. I honestly feel sorry for anyone so enslaved to this world that they cannot live without partaking of all it has to offer.

Lost in the blur of modern day society is the simplicity of living life to the glory of God with or without what the world says is so important. Lost in the constant bombardment of temptations to have more and more is the simplicity of living with little and enjoying everything more. Lost in the multitude of commercials saying to be happy you must have this, drive that and get this is the notion that those who came before us had next to nothing and managed to be happy far more than most people are today.

The more abundant life is far more than the house you live in, the car you drive, the accounts in your bank or the clothes you wear. The more abundant life promised by Jesus is found in the internal peace, joy and love that come with living for God and no one else and knowing this life is a gift to be shared and not a possession to be used for one's self indulgent pleasures.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

As I read your blog, I thought of these words:
[quote]If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for my sake, you will save it.

And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul?

Matthew 16:25-26[/quote]

I don't want the so-called abundant life this world offers, B2Y. I want the abundant life promised by Jesus Christ which NOTHING can take away from me!


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