What meaneth these things?

I went out for a walk in a place I had never been. All went well until I got lost. The longer I walked the more lost I became. Surrounded by foreign buildings, streets and people, I started to get anxious. Ending up at a store that sold a little this and that, I realized I had no money and had to leave. With no idea where I was or where I was trying to get to I hurried my pace thinking the faster I walked the sooner this ordeal would be over.

Soon I realized I had left my phone at the store whose location was lost in my frantic mind. I turned around and quickened my pace thinking surely the store would be around the next corner. But instead of the store there was yet another strange and unrecognizable sight which added to the panic creeping up in my mind. Where on earth was I and why does nothing look familiar?

A kind soul pulled over and offered to help me find the store where my phone must be. We drove and drove yet there was no sign of the store. The person pulled over and demanded my money and when I told him I had none, he aimed his gun at my head and asked “are you sure?” At that moment another car pulled alongside and in a flash the sound of gunfire shattered the awkward silence and the man next to me fell on my lap, lifeless and limp.

Alone, lost and covered with blood I did not shed, all I could do was weep. Why was no one stopping to help me? Where were the police to investigate the crime? Why was this all happening to me? Where was the God I loved and served my whole life?

Suddenly the car was surrounded with angry people intent on my destruction. With nowhere to go and no one to help me, all I could do was close my eyes and wait for the inevitable ending to this gruesome and horrendous saga.

Waking up from this dream awhile ago, I am still shaken and full of questions as to its meaning. Is God warning me of something? Is God reminding me of something? Is there someone in this situation that I should be praying for? Truly I must get quiet and allow my God to let me know what this very vivid dream means and what I am to do.

I share this with you because of the vividness of the dream and the gnawing suspicion there is some great spiritual meaning to it. Perhaps my apprehension regarding world events prompted this dream. Perhaps it is all some great analogy. Perhaps it was nothing more than the barbeque I ate last night and the fatigue I feel from a very long day.

Personally I believe God will let me know what that dream was all about and I will learn from it and do whatever I need to do. Until then, I am not taking any long walks in foreign surroundings or leaving my phone anywhere!

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Hmmm...interesting I do find it fascinating that God created us with the need and ability to slip into a semi-conscious state and to program our brains to play scenes in our head while we do it! Some say dreams are the minds way of sorting through..analyzing...making sense of facts and emotions. I wonder if it is trying to say that deep down maybe you are scared of being alone and totally vulnerable in a frightening and unstable situation? Will have to leave interpretation to the professionals...wink...it will be very interesting to see how this turns out...keep us posted! Hope you have a good day in spite of your restless night... :butterfly:

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote]Personally I believe God will let me know what that dream was all about and I will learn from it and do whatever I need to do.[/quote]

I agree. Sometimes dreams are from God but sometimes they are simply from things such as too much barbecue :wink:


K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Dreams are a strange thing indeed. One is often unsure if their is a meaning to them or they are just the result of stress or other mind influencing things going on in our life.

Or in my case last night falling asleep with the TV on. Dreaming my house was full of Nutri System sales people that just would not leave no matter what I said or did -I couldn't even call the police to make them leave because they were using all my phones! Then I woke up and realized there was a Nutri System sales thing on the TV. I shut it off and went to bed.

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Another thought...since it is UNLIKE you...maybe it was a way for you to experience the feeling of what that is like...alone, vulnerable, afraid, etc...so you can relate to someone coming your way who IS in that situation? Oh my...I could play this game all day!! wink...will wait and see what becomes of it... :butterfly:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Oh my yes -I most certainly believe God speaks to His children in dreams.
And Yes god will show you if this is from him -in His time.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Well, brother Kirk, it does say "and your [b]old men[/b] shall dream dreams". LOL. I have a lot of them too:)

Really, it doesn't seem to me it was any bad reflection on you. Rather about those you ran into. Thieves even, and those trying to do you harm. As I remember how it was when I was a youth, most surroundings today are those I seem to be really lost in trying to understand. We depend on the phone for so much now. The environment is sure a lot different now, too.

Some dreams I go for days trying to discern, but don't always get any answers. If God wants you to learn from it, He will give you the right answers, in a way that you will recognize, in discerning them.

Pardon the humor brother, I couldn't resist. I do my close friends like that. God Bless you much.

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