Why correct instruction is so important

A person can go no further than what they have been taught. If you are taught that 3+3=99, then in your mind that is the truth. It makes no difference to you whether the rest of us believe 3+3=6, for in your mind we are all wrong. Whatever you are taught is true, right and honest is what you believe to the truth in those realms.

There are only two reasons why a person believes a lie to be the truth and vice versa. Those two reasons are either ignorance or wrong teaching. Either a person has never been instructed correctly or the instruction they have received was incorrect.

When the day came many years ago for me to drive for the first time, my dad handed me the keys and told me I was driving home from the VFW where I had been fishing while he partook of his adult beverages. It made no difference that I had never been taught HOW to drive. I was given the keys and told to start driving.

Even though I was only 14 years old, I was smart enough to know that I needed to practice a little in the big parking lot at the facility before attempting to make the 8 mile trip home. I slowly put the car in gear and barely touched the gas pedal. The car lunged forward and I panicked and stomped on the brake. This was not a good thing for my dead hit his head on the dashboard pretty hard.

After about 5 minutes of yelling, screaming and various obscenities, I was ordered to quit fooling around and get busy driving. It took a VERY LONG TIME to drive those 8 miles, but it didn’t matter since my dad more or less passed out and was sound asleep. I crept along the highway and then the street stopping successfully at all red, yellow and green lights along with the stop signs. I was fortunate in that except for the left turn out of parking lot onto the road, there were no other turns involved until the street we lived on.

When I finally got to our street, I misgauged the right turn and went up over the curb. Somehow this woke my dad up who immediately started yelling that I was the world’s worst driver. I managed to block his yelling out of my mind while concentrating on getting home successfully. Once I got through the last stop sign I knew it was only a few blocks until we would be home.

My dad had a habit of ALWAYS backing into the driveway. He would not think of driving into it like most people. He had to back in so as to make it easier to leave. As hard as I was hoping he would let me drive in, I knew he wouldn’t, and he didn’t. Once we got about a hundred feet from home he told me to back into the driveway. I drove past the driveway a little ways and froze. I couldn’t do it.

Finally after a few minutes of yelling and threats of never being allowed to drive again, I made my attempt at backing into the driveway even though our other car was parked in front of the house and the neighbor’s car was parked directly across from our driveway on the other side of the street. All traffic on our street came to a halt as I gingerly attempted to do something I had absolutely no idea how to do.

Of course I misjudged backing up and slammed into the fence post separating our driveway from the next door neighbor’s yard. I immediately put the car in drive and pressed too hard on the gas pedal and crashed into the neighbor’s car parked across the street. Totally freaked out, I jumped out of the car crying like a 3 year old. My mom came running out of the house to see what was going on and immediately started screaming at my dad to get the car into the driveway.

In due time the car got backed into the driveway, my dad got scolded and yelled at by my mom for what seemed like weeks for what he pulled and I was not allowed to drive again until the next summer when I took driver’s education class. All told it was a day I will never forget and after my parents had to pay for all the damage I caused to various vehicles and fence posts it was one they NEVER forgot.

That day could have been avoided if I had been given ANY instruction. But, since I was ignorant I made mistakes which in time compounded and became very expensive and humiliating. Let us always remember that no one can go any further than what he has been taught and if that which has been taught was wrong, the inevitable result will be error in practical application.

Of course this becomes extremely important when it comes to spiritual matters. Please remember that the underlying reason for disagreements, division and schism in the Body of Christ is either ignorance or wrong teaching. Before judging a person and condemning him, it would be highly advantageous to make sure they have been instructed and instructed correctly. I would pray none of us would ever be to each other what my dad was to me that day 42 years ago.


Imagining the whole incident while I was reading, made me laugh all the way to the penultimate paragraph, B2Y. ROFLO. Sure must not have been funny while you went through the process. Thanks for giving a memorable humorous touch to such a serious subject as instruction of the Word - in the basics of Christian living and disciple-making. I will remember that because tomorrow our Church council will be discussing seriously on Christian Education for 2010. We really do not need any more Christian clowns for the enemy to push around all their Christian lives, but we need training for soldiers of the cross.

Thank you for the important lesson and reminder and the humour.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I'm sorry... I know it had to have been horrible at the time but I must confess I was ROFLOL too, as I read this... complete with tears in my eyes.

Seriously, I couldn't help but think of a classic example of this in education. There is a popular myth perpetuated, I am sorry to say, by classroom and even many poorly taught science teachers. It is in regards to the changing seasons. If you ask most people (in the U.S. at least), they will say summer occurs when the earth is closest to the sun and winter occurs when it is furthest away. Actually the reverse is true. It is the tilt of the earth which determines the seasons and if some place such as Minnesota was closest to the earth in the summer and furthest away in the winter... well... I don't even want to think about it!

This is just one example of how even one or a few people's incorrect teaching can influence the general population. As a teacher myself, I know it is very important to check my facts before teaching it as truth. As Christians, ALL of us should be teachers of the Word of God. It is important that we prayerfully and carefully check what we teach/say before doing so.

Thanks for the reminder, B2Y.


K :princess:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

B2y, great blog, good point. While on driving humor, let me share one of my experiences as well. We had a 49 Chevrolet, Dad had just gotten it painted, all fixed up. I and my brother were both learning to drive, he was about two years older but I guess dad was killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. Dad let my brother drive to the store so he would let me drive back. I was like you and had not mastered the backing up thing, just not a natural thing to do after going forward a while at all. Well, my brother pulled up to the gas tank, I knew dad would want me to back up and turn around so i was planning my strategy. One of our older neighbors pulled into the store while i was waiting my turn. He pulled in behind in such a way that i knew i would have to manuever to get around him, so i changed my strategy to going up the road to a church lot and turning around. My dad did not like that idea, and insisted i back up. I collided with the neighbors car. Thinking of all the bad that was going to come from this, my stress meter was high, thinking possible jail time may be coming, or perhaps even Dad would have to serve. The neighbor came out, looked at his car, looked at ours, then looked at my dad and said " I cant tell where mine has been hit" It was a pretty banged up car, to be sure, but he truly extended mercy to a 12 year old boy. That left my dad, he still made me drive, we went straight to the neighbors house who had painted the car as he had a shop at his house and did work out of it. He came out, dad said to him, " I am not happy with the job you did on the car, just take a look at the other side." Instead of getting what i feared i deserved and was coming, i got mercy from both those i brought harm that day. The bible verse " mercy rejoiceth against judgement " gave new meaning to me that day. James 2:13 That is what I need to be giving more of, what a world of difference it would make if we all did. God Bless, Brother. Thanks for bringing back a "priceless" moment in life, both my mom and dad have gone on to be with the Lord. Again, Thanks.

Susan Cope @lilysvalley ·

b2y great blog. Although I wasnt laughing. I had my oldest son drive me the the other boys to school just an hour ago. He has been driving since he was 15 and is about to turn 17. He is taking a drivers ed class right now and he said "your making me nervous". Which caused a 15 min. discussion of what a cop-out that was cause I didnt say anything when he was over turning and/or underturning. Needless to say we were laughing the entire time. I know what you went through though so im not laughing. We lived in MN and the roads were iced over and my dad was too drunk to drive - so he said here you drive. I had to back out of my driveway and onto an icy road - which he didnt warn me about. I think its those warnings we need - those be careful moments before we even know all the rules.
If someone had warned me to research everything I heard about the God's word I wouldn't have spread false stuff myself. Scary thought.


Virginia Sills @happytoberestored ·

With all the false teachers and their false teaching abounding today, we must take great care to be as the Bereans and test EVERYTHING through the Word of God.

God also sent us the Holy Spirit to help guide us through this temporal walk until we reach our true home. I've been able to feel the Holy Spirit guide me and hear the Holy Spirit whisper to me when I was hearing something that did not "ring true".

This is an excellent blog, albeit scary from the perspective of a 14 year old who'd never been given instruction to drive.

It is critical that we find a true man of God from whom we can learn Truth and teaching that helps apply that Truth to our lives.




Dear b2y--I agree--great blog. Jesus is the ultimate teacher, and He put shoes on the principle you taught us with your experience. It was in the upper room. The Passover meal was almost finished. Judas hadn't left yet. Jesus removed His garments, wrapped Himself in a towel and washed the disciples' feet--including Judas'. He didn't only tell the disciples to wash each other's feet. He taught it by what we called "demonstration-performance" in the Air Force. Not do as I say. Not do as I would do. But do as you've seen me do. How can you not love such a Lord as that?

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

Brother B2Y:

OK, when I first read this I also chuckled. Then I went back and looked at the category. It isn't in the humor section nor should it be. You've shared a very important lesson here, Thanks!

Ahhh, one more point. I wouldn't be surprised if this wasn't a vehicle with an automatic transmission either.


Art :reading:

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

after reading this blog and all the comments, i can relate to someone of it in a "different kind of way.i didnt have a dad to teach me to drive. i lived in nyc where everyone didnt have a car. the transit system got you all around the city for a low price.the military "threw me in 60 ton tank and told me to drive. almost tore up my first car in germany leaving the dealer's showroom casue i didnt "learn how to drive a stick shift and thought by watching others"i could get it"..got alot of on the job training, went on to drive most every vehicle that the army has and became a senior driver and a instructor for the last years of my military career.to think i never learned in parking lots late at night like others i knew growing up.be blessed and thank you for sharing

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