Why do people steal, kill and destroy each other?

What makes a man turn a gun on his own mother and shoot her multiple times? What makes a man go into a school and savagely shoot 26 innocent children and adults? What makes a man race through a school in China with a knife, slashing children along the way? What makes a man gather his family, kill them and then kill himself?

These questions eat at the very souls of experts and common people alike. When people do things that make no sense, are cruel and crazy; the logic in man is devastated for it cannot figure out why. All the kings horses and all the kings men cannot figure out a way to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. In other words, all of man’s intelligence cannot save him at times.

Perhaps due to my spiritual upbringing or simply because I see no other explanation, I believe people who go on rampages such as last week in Connecticut, due so because they are possessed by demons who dictate to them what to do no matter how gruesome or horrid. When a demon grabs control of man or woman’s mind, their conscience is seared with a hot iron and they no longer have anything constraining them from acting out whatever they are instructed to do.

This is not saying “the devil made me do it”, but rather provides a simple (yet extremely horrifying) explanation for how and why a person would and could do things that are so repulsive to those of us with a conscience.

Demons love to prey upon those who have what is called today “mental illness”. Perhaps the greatest example is how a person can come to the point that they kill themselves. This act goes against everything God built into us. Ephesians says that “no man ever hates himself”, yet there are multitudes of people who are so disgusted with their lives that the end them.

What takes a person from thinking about doing something terrible to actually doing it is the direct influence of a demon taking possessing their mind and usurping all logic and natural defenses against doing horrible things. The crazy man recorded in the Gospels was possessed with a legion of demons that drove him to be and do horrible things.

No one could help this man except Jesus and that was because He commanded “legion” to come out of the man. Once Jesus commanded “legion” leave, the man ended up being a perfectly normal person. It was the demons inside of him that drove him to be crazy, mean and inhuman. Those same demons went into a herd of swine and drove them off a cliff to their destruction.

The problem is not guns, knives or bombs. The problem is demons being allowed free access into people’s minds and then driving them to do things that fulfill the devil’s will which is to steal, kill and destroy. Let the recent events serve to remind us of just how ruthless and evil the devil really is and how gracious and merciful God is in saving us and giving to us a sound mind.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

While I believe that God has given us a free-will, I also believe that due to the choices and opening themselves up to the enemy people can also end up in bondage. Your blog is a reminder that it is only when we have encounter with Jesus Christ that we or anyone else can be set free!


K :princess:

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

You are right. crazy exists, but so does evil - and I don't know how you can legislate against it. - bibleguy

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