Why people believe suicide is their only way out--my story

Did you know that on any given day, countless individuals grow so frustrated with life and their inability to deal with what life deals them that they put an end to their life? Did you know that those who choose to end their lives felt they had no other solution to their problems and that no one could possibly understand or help them? Did you know that more times than not, a person intent on ending their life can be talked out of it, and if given help never tries to commit suicide again?

Did you know that the most common response to someone committing suicide is anger and not pity as the victim had hoped? Did you know that the predominant reasons for people thinking suicide is the only answer are hopelessness and anger? Did you know that it is a horrible shame this whole topic is shoved into the closet and rarely talked about because it is not pleasant?

People who are mad usually take out their anger on others before ending their own lives. Every day there are stories of someone killing innocent family members or strangers and then killing themselves. Unbridled anger causes people to literally go insane. Their ability to think rationally and logically is erased and what they end up doing makes no sense to anyone but themselves. How else could a person killing their spouse, child or parent before killing themselves be explained?

People who are depressed and whose life is filled with pain (physical, emotional or mental) believe no one understands or cares about them or their situation. They isolate themselves and ultimately talk themselves into believing the only way out is to end it all. Most people who end their own lives believed there was no other option and talk themselves into doing what they know in their hearts was wrong.

Nearly 30 years ago I was one of those people who felt there was no way out of the mess I had made of my life and ministry. As the walls closed in around me and everything I had worked so hard at for 15 years crumbled, I didn’t believe I would or could survive. Obviously something happened that prevented me from ending my life for I am here writing this blog.

What took place is so important that I have decided to devote a few blogs to the subject. If God only delivered me and that was that, there would be nothing to write about. But, what took place nearly 30 years ago saved and changed my life then and continues to keep me on solid ground to this day. Therefore I believe it is important information to anyone trying to understand why a person believes suicide is their only way out.

Most of us either have dealt with depression or know someone who has. Many of us have known people who have either tried to end their lives or did. Most of us have wondered what we could have done to have prevented such a thing from happening. Speaking as a survivor, I have a story to tell and I pray my testimony will speak volumes to whoever is willing to honestly look at one of those "taboo" Christian topics of discussion.


This is a tragedy that seems to be sweeping the young people of NI at the moment. I pray as we look at this subject with you that we can learn, understand and maybe see things a little clearer from the side of those who feel that there is no other way out other than suicide.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I agree with Bethy.

As I was reading this blog, my thoughts turned to a young man I knew who ended his life about ten years ago. :cry: His parents had been so hopeful for it had seemed that after a few rough years, things were really beginning to come together for him. In fact, he had just gone on a trip with his dad and the time they had spent together had been a precious time. It seemed like he was starting to become more open to God... and then one day something happened and he ended his life.

Yes, this is a serious and very important topic which is often ignored by the Church. What Bethy describes is not uncommon. I would see this phenomenon in my school district at times and where my mom used to teach, it would happen all the time, going through the student population like a plague. You would learn of one suicide and then one by one, other young people would start taking their own lives as well. :cry:


K :princess:

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

I dare say you will be speaking for more than yourself concerning this subject. It is not something even those of us that have felt that way care to discuss. God Bless.

Billy Beard @billyb ·

I suppose I can understand the hopelessness somewhat, and just wanting to end it all. Killing the innocent, even ones own children, I can not though.

I hope to gain some insight into the thoughts and feelings. Thank You for sharing your heart about it. Will be reading. God Bless brother. billy.

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

I'm so glad to see someone address this "taboo" topic with a positive rather than negative attitude.

Just a year ago my grandson's best friend, whom he grew up with from infancy committed suicide just two weeks before his seventeenth birthday. He had suffered from depression and guilt feeling ever since his dad passed away two years before. His dad was an abusive alcoholic even so when his parents split up he chose to stay with his dad. Eventually the situation got so bad he left and went to live with his mother. He always felt if he's stayed with his dad he would not have died the night he had a massive heart attach. He was told by doctors and the ambulance crew that there was nothing anyone could have done. It was a massive heart attach and he was gone in just minutes and before help could get to him. But he still felt it was his fault.

Even a year later my grandson still hasn't gotten over the loss and feels if he could have just been there or if he had just called him that day maybe he could have talked him out of it.

Yes this subject does need to be talked about.


Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thank you for your courage and wisdom to write about this subject. nuff said be blessed

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

I look forward to reading your upcoming blogs on this sensitive and personal subject. - bibleguy

Dwight Alight Davis @justalight ·

Just last week a guy I went to church with for years killed himself. His wife of many years died of cancer a few months before. He was a deacon and what I call a "go getter", very active in the church. All I have heard is what a negative testimony he has left. I know what he was going through losing his wife. B2Y, I have compassion and will not say one bad word about him.


Watson Chipare @rangachipare ·

I totally agree, I thank God for saving my life on three occasions I tried to commit suicide. Being a veterinary graduate I know drugs that are lethal and I used three different ones on those three occasions. I was desperate, hopeless and unloved. The main point is to put our trust in God, just take your concerns to Him and He will see you through. I earnestly doubt if anyone has ever been what I went through but here I am giving glory to God.

Joanne Douglas @jdjames ·

This is a heartbreaking but important subject. My late husband's father killed himself, bullet to the head, leaving behind a wife and 6 children. Jonathan was 10. I met him the same week he had decided to take his own life. Only just days before, he got saved by a young woman he met at the airport. We were married 28 years before he passed on. Life was very challenging because he was so often, angry and depressed and spoke of wanting to end his life. I silently questioned his faith. It was a war between the spirit that would cause suicide and the spirit of God, right before my eyes. When he finally released his anger, it was a joyful time, only we didn't know yet that cancer was slowly making its way through his bones. Bitterness truly did its work. Despite the pain and living his last 18 months confined to a hospital bed in the middle of our living room, he lived fully and joyfully every single moment until he took his last breath. So I was and am comforted to know he rests with God till the return. Thank you for your sharing on this subject. I agree with alight, we must have compassion. We must also have the strength that only God can give if someone we know or love desires death more than life. jd

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