Would more hours in our day really help?

Attempting to figure out what people need or want to read is a challenge of monumental proportions. I can pray and pray and wait for the Holy Spirit to work within me, but even then, many times the resulting blog is ignored or hated.

So many times over the past couple of years I have thought the time had come to just quit trying to write these blogs all the time. Perhaps that day will really come, I do not know.

In our go go society, it is very hard to find the time to sit down and read much of anything. I think most people get their most quality reading down while waiting for nature to call sitting on the toilet. I know we have tons of Readers Digests and Guideposts stacked up just for this reason.

It seems that unless we are sick or a major blizzard or ice storm has shut down the highways, we never have time to read. Even avid readers admit they haven't had the time to read a book for quite awhile. There just are not enough hours in a day to read, chat, text, talk on the phone, watch television, play games, watch games, taxi the kids to 50 different functions a day and eat.

Here is my proposal to combat this problem. I advocate a law be introduced in the World Congress that would add another 9.6 hours to each day. That is right, instead of a day being 24 hours, it would be 33.6 hours. I know that will mean each week will be made up of 5 days instead of 7, but who cares. That which we all want is more hours in the day and this proposal will take care of that.

The question that arises is whether the addition of 9.6 hours in each day will actually provide enough time to get everything done or will it simply provide more hours to fill up with more things that result in the cry for even more hours in a day. Hmmm, I guess time will tell.

Let us assume that you sleep for 8 hours. Of the remaining 25.6 hours, of course another 8 is taken up by work. What is left is 17.6 hours of free time€. As opposed to the current 8 hours of such time. Now think about this; if you had 11.6 more hours of free time per day, would that translate into reading more books or blogs, or would it mean more time to chat, text, talk and play. I think we all know the answer to that one.

See, the problem is not that we don't have enough hours in a day, the problem is that we don't use those hours in the best possible way. If we eliminated all the time spent worrying about things we can do nothing about, crying about things that happened in the past that we cannot change and digging through books finding better excuses for justifying our behavior and laziness we would have more time to accomplish the things we say we don't have time for.

As much as we don't like the idea, in order to be productive we must be efficient. Going through motions will not necessarily produce more results. Efficient motions will yield greater production in any realm.

So, instead of marching on the World Congress demanding more hours be added to each day, why not march on your own mind and demand less bellyaching and more efficiency. Of course your mind will quack like crazy, but if it does, tell it that duck season just started.

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

On a daily basis, the one thing we are all given in equal measure is time... 24 hours a day, no more or less. (Ignoring time changes days, of course for those who get picky) As with all of God's gifts, it is how we use it that matters.

We are commanded to give the "first fruits" back to God. (Note the word "back") I've found my life has changed dramatically since I started doing so with my time.

Shalom, Art

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