All my springs are in Thee!

While reading in Psalms a couple weeks ago, a part of a verse leapt out at me. I know I've read this verse a hundred times, but this time, it just jumped off the page. "All my springs are in thee!" Since then, I have brought this verse to remembrance numerous times: a difficult day at work, All my springs are in thee! Praying for a loved one, All my springs are in thee! Rejoicing over good news, All my springs are in thee! It is such a wonderful reminder that no matter what, All my springs are in thee!

I know full well that 1 Peter 1:20 says, "Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation" I am not writing this as a word study. I just find it to be a fun verse with different nuances in English. The word translated 'springs' in Psalm 87 is translated 'fountain' and 'well' at other places. All my springs are in thee! All my fountains are in thee!

In English, the word 'spring' is a wonderful homonym. Of course the literal meaning of this verse in Psalm 87:7 uses the meaning of 'spring' as a fountain or well, where water comes out of the ground. Certainly our spiritual springs are all in God. All our spiritual sources are in Him.

We can have fun with this verse using the other usages of the word 'spring' in the English language. Of course spring is the season after winter, when the weather gets warmer and plants begin to grow again. All my new beginnings are in thee! All my growth is in thee! All my warmth is in thee!

A person can spring to action or one can just spring up in the sense of jumping. It is a sudden and quick motion. All my jumping is in thee! All my springing to action is in thee! For that matter, all my action is in thee! For without thee, I am nothing and can do nothing. If one thing 'springs' from another, that thing is the result of it. All my results are in thee!

Perhaps my favorite (or at least the most fun) homonym in this case is the 'spring' made from a spiral of wire. That, in fact, was the first mind picture that sprang :wink: into my mind upon discovering this verse. I had a mental picture of Tigger (T-I-double guh-urr). His top's made out of rubber, his bottom's made out of springs; he's bouncy bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun fun fun fun fun! (for those of you unfamiliar with Winnie the Pooh's stuffed friend, Tigger, my condolences). All my springs are in thee! All my laughter is in thee! All my joy is in thee! All my bounce is in thee!

All my springs are in thee! All my all is in thee!

 Beth M
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Love it! Love it! Love it! Isn't it such a wonderful treasure when He shows us something that we tend to take for granted? :clap:

And, I just happened to have had a Schnauzer once by the name of T-I-double guh-urr . He sure did a lot of springing on the lakes in Duluth in the winter (on the ice of course) :) I should have named him Pepe le Pew! Remember him?

But seriously, may we all spring up in Thee! Thanks for sharing this neat perspective.
Many blessings, 2G

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All my bounce is in thee!
I like that! :wink: