Birthday, My Love. Birthday

Today is your birthday.  The third since you died. But you have not aged. You will forever be 63.

We had a big snowstorm this past weekend.  You and I  would have had so much fun. It was the kind of snowstorm you and I  dreamed about. Getting snowed in together for several days... pure bliss. 

Getting snowed in alone... stinks. All I  could think was how much you and I would have loved it. And how utterly empty it was alone.

I  went to the cemetery today of course. Your headstone, our headstone,  was completely covered with snow.  Completely buried. Somehow that was profound.

I  miss you so. I  miss your wisdom,  your guidance,, your presence.  I  miss us. Us was so easy, so natural, so perfect.

Birthday,  my Kirkus,  Birthday 

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·


Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

You are always in my heart.

Dwight Alight Davis @justalight ·

We all miss him dearly!

Jan Fm @matthewsmama ·

So precious! My heart and prayers go out to you.

John B. Abela @johnabela ·
Beth M @blest ·

Miss you so...

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