When I was a child I spake as a child (a little bio)

When I was a child I spake as a child (a little bio).

I remember my parents tucking us into bed each night, each of us four kids saying our prayers. They went something like 'Please take care of Mommy and Daddy and ... name all family members and friends.... and please bring the soldiers safely home from Vietnam." We always said grace before eating dinner and we always held hands while saying grace; well, actually we sang grace before dinner. The song we usually sang went, "Evening is here, the board is spread; thanks be to God who gives us bread. Praise God for bread." Then we would squeeze the hand of the person on either side. When we had an elderly woman living with us for some time because she had nowhere else to go, it took her awhile to get the hang of singing grace. But when she finally got it she would belt it out, always ending with "Praise God for Fred!" We never knew who Fred was, but I'm sure God was pleased if not amused.

We would pray before meals, at bedtime, and in church. We would pray for sick people and injured animals. Then one time I lost something and I went crying to my mom. She looked at me and said simply, "Pray. God knows where it is." So I did just that. And lo and behold, the next place I looked, there it was! So God then became the 'Finder of lost things'. And what a Finder He is! That is how God became a bit more than a far off God to whom I gave my big problems, but one to whom I could go for even little personal problems.

My father is a doctor and a doctor's children never get sick: I don't feel good; I don't think I should go to school today. {Putting his hand on my neck} Does that hurt? Yes! Good, it's supposed to hurt; go to school..... Next time, same scenario: Does that hurt? {getting wiser} No! Well then there's nothing wrong with you; go to school (or clean your room or whatever I was trying to avoid doing).

Mom had a heart condition, undiagnosed at the time, in which her heart would flutter and then stop. Just stop. I'm sure that today they would have no problem diagnosing and treating the arrhythmia she had. Because of that heart problem my mother put off a surgery that her doctor had told her she needed. But the summer after my ninth grade, Mom's doctor told her she could put it off no longer; she HAD to have the surgery. It was a simple hysterectomy, but with Mom's heart problem, it became a dangerous procedure. If her heart were to stop during surgery, they were not sure it would start again. My father was very worried about my mother, and that was quite unusual. My father was always the calm, cool, collected one, no matter what.... when I put my arm through a window and cut myself down to the bone he just wrapped a towel around it, took me to the office and stitched me up. When my brother dove off a dock into a rock pile instead of the water and cracked his head open, Dad put him calmly in the car, drove him to the office and stitched him up. While on vacation once I accidentally cut my wrist on an oyster shell, slicing the artery, (you know the suicide artery) - blood spurted straight up from the artery. Dad calmly said, "Well, you need stitches, but I don't have my stitching supplies here so I'll just butterfly it (never occurred to him to take me to another doctor) Nothing ever fazed him. So this anxiety in my father was cause for great alarm. I knew if Dad was worried, there was something to be worried about.

That summer I was supposed to go to France to stay with the elderly couple who had been our landlord and landlady when we had lived there when I was very young. I did not want to be gone for Mom's surgery but my parents insisted I go as scheduled. Mom's surgery was scheduled for July 11, 1972, her 41st birthday. I knew the date and time of her surgery. And I knew that I was 3000 miles away from home. I knew the time difference, so the afternoon her surgery was scheduled in the US was nighttime in France. I went into the room I was staying in at M. and Mme.'s house and I prayed. I prayed like I had never prayed before. I was not praying for a lost doll or a sick bunny. I was praying for my mother's life. I cried out to the God I had cried out to many times before, but never with anything of this magnitude. I cried and prayed and cried and prayed. Now back in 1972, you did not make transatlantic phone calls. I remember that a one-minute call cost $63. And $63 was a LOT of money back then. So there was no way I would know the outcome of the surgery until I got back to the States. I cried to my Father in heaven to please take care of Mom, to bring her safely through and to keep her heart beating. I cried to please let me know she was ok, I cried and prayed for longer than I had ever prayed before, knowing that I would not know if my prayers were answered. All I could do was keep praying on my knees by the bed in a home so far from my own....

And then my tears dried and I was enveloped in a pillow of a cloud. It was as if the air around me became like a feather pillow, encasing my whole body and making me feel safe. I knew. I knew beyond any shadow of doubt that Mom was fine, that my prayers had been answered and that God had told me my prayers were answered.

The tears then became tears of joy, the prayer one of thanksgiving. I knew more assuredly than if there had been a phone call. I knew that God had answered my prayer and that Mom was going to be just fine. When I did finally get back home, Mom told me that as they were wheeling her into surgery, all of a sudden she felt as if she were lying on a pillow of prayers and she knew that she was going into surgery surrounded by prayers, and she knew she would be all right.

I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior when I was very young; I was baptized by immersion when I was 12 years old. But the date I count as the real turning point, the true beginning of my walk with the Lord was on my knees in a dark bedroom far from home, surrounded by a pillow of God's love. It was then that I knew that my Father loved ME personally. Not only had He answered my prayers, He had taken the time to let me know, ME, personally, that He had answered those prayers.

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Oh Blest,

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story of your life. Although my father became a Christian in the hospital just a few weeks before he passed away, because of my mom and grandmother, prayer was always just as natural as "breathing out and breathing in". I remember praying for all of my family and extended family before going to sleep at night...and it always included the salvation of my dad.

Yes, it is very wonderful when we get surrounded by a pillow (I call it wrapped in God's Blanket) and we truly understand that we have a Heavenly Father who really does love us!


K :princess:

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·


Nothing compares to the power of prayer!

Thank you for sharing this powerful testimonial.

Because of you, all who read this are... blest...


Alive in The Wrod

Patsy S. Momary @possum ·

I am doubly hopeful to become your friend...again, your choice not mine...I have not known His presence so tangibly as your experience, yet have come near it several times. It is just the confirmation that we are each individual in His design and treatment; He knows how to mold us to be the child/Mature Adult (Perfect) person He intends. I was blessed by your testimony...Possum/Pat

Ruth Papalii @deanna ·

You reminded me of the grace! the Samoans would sing and of course we picked it up from our Samoan Relations.

It went like this:

Thankyou Lord! For giving us food,
Thankyou Lord! For giving us food
Thankyou Lord! For giving us food
Right! Where we are.

Halleluyah Praise the Lord,
Halleluyah Praise the Lord
Halleluyah Praise the Lord
Right Where we are Amen...

Just rings a Nice bell back to the olden days.

Signed Your sister in Christ.

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us.I am blessed !
Each and every line of this blog has touched me..

[quote]"Praise God for Fred!" [/quote] ..

Keep blogging sister ..God bless you..You are a real blessing for us

Love Tina :flower:

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Just read this today...thank you for sharing this testament of answered prayer. It was beautiful!! What a blessing to have that tangible feeling that God was thinking of YOU and working on YOUR behalf at that very moment. Amazing! :butterfly: