another dose is dealt to us

it is in our distress that we come to Him. it is because of our brokenness that we seek Him. it is then in our morning that our joy comes. it is in this time of sorrow that He heals us. those mornings when our faith is prescribed to us and those doses that we receive give ease to the suffering that wicked tries our souls with, when the time of our testing is reconciled for He. when proof of our unworthiness is on display for the heavens to see. yet in those mornings when our Lord chooses to come to us and give us a brief understanding of His abilities and the desires He has for us. when in our sorrows we accept the wholeness of who He is. when our struggles are unbearable and the slow process of our lives are before us to repair. when our Lord takes us in and shares with us His sovereign ways. it is then that we accept every bit of His glory and believe in Him. still the world bears down on us the untruths. it works it's evil into our daily lives as we convince ourselves that the truth is only make believe. then the wonders of a universe is retold to us in our unbelief. it is then the choice is reoffered and the hardness of our hearts begin to fail us. it is then we return to our vomit and the process begins anew. this continues until our Lord's will for us has grown either weary or mature. when our choice is to believe in Him or in the world. then if we are lucky another dose is dealt to us. Matthew 24: 13 But the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. Praise God, be a blessing, bubba

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

Sometimes just living is the most difficult thing we do. I reminds us that we are not to put our hope in this life but in Him. Thank you. Phil

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