beauty like that

in the midst of doubt seek ye, for the wisdom from the Lord. for if your intent is for the will of the one whose interest is to serve you and guide you toward your hearts content, then seeking His blessings is paramount. none of us, no not one is worthy, yet all is given upon request, if our desire is for His will to be done for us, Praise God. in my youth I surely did carry on with righteous indignation, and my cocky manner did lead me astray. i admit that my ways found fault in the eyes that matter and my heart lost it's way. for so much time did i spend looking for my rewards that come from this earth. the most sought after for the majority has not been for fortune, fame or power, but for beauty. for we have all been taught by the wicked that if we seek first those three then the later will be in so much abundance. yet in the midst of those endeavors the beauty is in the beast. for the sake of love may your rewards be stored up for you. ok, ok, so i'm no poet. yet my words come from another source. my tears that have all dried up come only now when beauty rears it's head from the heart. many will seek the soul that lies within a pretty face. some will seek the charms of youth and delight in the twinkles of naivety, while others prefer the hard course of the raunchy and the devilish display that ignores the innocence. no matter what lust you have been cursed with the chore is to overcome the desire that wicked test you with. then comes the course, the one that leads astray or carries you away. the choice is but a fork yet the direction chosen is never a 50/50 chance. the right path taken is always because of the sureness of the heart. my love has been growing from within for many years now, and beauty was not always seen in the process. for in my youth my concern was prideful and my sight was blinded by my lust. but in time the truth does show it's self if we allow it to. a heart can be hardened through the pain and suffering that keeps us going in circles. beauty can turn us all into beast if we seek it's flesh. however their is a beauty greater than the flesh. one that concentrates purely on the love that blossoms from the heart. for in us all, if we are lucky we can see a glimpse of it, if for us our hearts content is given. 1 Peter 3: 4 Instead, your beauty comes from inside you. It is the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. Beauty like that doesn’t fade away. God places great value on it. Praise God, be a blessing, bubba

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