God has laid out for us

ithink what made Paul the perfect candidate to spread God's word to the gentiles wasn't so much his skills. everyone should know by now that beingbook smart really means nothing inthe eyes of God. the truth is Paul always had the desire to do what was right. his heart was for God, it's just he was blind to who God is. Paul was in many cases over zealous because of his desire to do what was right. He always went straight by the book and because of that hehad became hardened and ridged in his beliefs. the Jews biggest problem is they don't understand mercy because they don't believe in the One who taught mercy. once Jesus was able to let Paul see how blind he was the Holy Spirit feed the truth to him just like it is meant to do to you and me. the Spirit of God no longer requires the services ofmankind to get His message across to mankind. the Spirit goes directly to their heart and minds. the request was to feed his Sheep the nuggets of truth that Jesus' flesh came to deliver. the meat of the truthis forgiveness isgiven as soon as it's accepted. once the truth is understood then the Spirit itself leads the way by guiding man through hisheart and mind.

what made Peter the first rock wasn't because God wanted to reward Peter. the reason Peter became the first rock was because he was the first to realize whoGod really was, not through the teachings of man but by God Himself. That is how Jesus builthis new church, and each believer becomes another stone in it. the reason Peter was the perfect candidate to spread God's new message to the Jews was because he was just some ordinary Simon. no special training and no special understanding of the teachings of the time. he was just a common man with a common understanding, yet God was able to let peter see who God wasthrough the miracles shown to peter during his lifetime. God does the same things in each one of our lives when we began to understand who He really is. peter went through many trials in his life where he doubted God. each time doubt reared it's ugly head a lil dose of faith was sprinkled into peter'slife, likesalt adding flavor to it. it was because of those doses of faith that peter was also able to do some miraculous things himself. peter walked on water, he healed the blind and raised the dead. later in his life he was able to heal those who where sick through his shadow without even knowing. we too can be that healer if we walk the path that God has laid out for us. if we live the life we are meant to live to, through us many othersmaybe ablesee the errors of their ways and they too maybe healed and raised from the dead.

my favorite of that time was John. john's claim to fame was being the one that Jesus loved. i always loved thatjohn made that claim about himself. many understand that to mean that john was the only one that Jesus loved. how funny is that because Jesus shows us all that He loved the whole world through His actions on the cross. yet john always called himself the one that Jesus loved. the truth is we are all the one that Jesus loved. He loves each and everyone of us the same. those of us who open our hearts up to Him get that same special feeling of being loved that john always felt. afterwards God also gives to us, those He holds dear to Him to look after. not one mary is loved more than the other and whether it's mary the mother, mary the deviant, or mary the mother of a friend, Jesus hung up there on that cross for all of them. that is the one thing that is undeniable about what Jesus did. many can, do and will question the virgin Mary claim, many can, do and will question the resurrection claim, and many may even question themiracles. but the one thing they can't deny is thebeating and the hanging from the tree, and Hisrefusal to left a fingerin defiance inthe process.

that's what makes His Story so special, the loved received was never given to those for their deeds. the love was given to all who received. no sacrifice needed, for He provided that as well. Jesus ask for nothing from you, but that you realize that you can't see, and when you do that He will give you back your ear so you can hear what he has to say. then one dayHe will raise you from the dead.

Praise God,

be a blessing,

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