in the midst of love

what is man if not for love? we spare the image of it, by giving into it, but we abuse it, in our desire for it. still we are commanded to act on it, by doing it. most can't define it, Paul tell us what it is by describing what it's not, and Jesus tells us the greatest record of it, is to give ones life for it. I simply can not write a single word that has more meaning than it and God has even been defined by it. there is love of a mother, love of a brother, a spouse, a child, a friend, and so many more ways to be given it. but the command again, is to share it with any and all that cross our path. yet when I go in search of it I find it difficult to see even in the place where we all pray. in the midst of love lies a beauty that can only be seen in the presence of it. a grandmother kissing her grandchild, or a father holding his son, the tender caress of a check when two lovers finally meet, or a bear cub's gentle paw reaching for it's mother. all of these bring to mind a vision we've all seen. some time in our lives we all have been fortunate enough to live a moment like this. where no boasting is needed, nor no reward sought, just the presence of it, is all that's required to ease our mind. why do we fight so hard for it, when it cost nothing to give? some are even willing to kill for it. wars have been fought while using it as reason why. many envy the sight of it, while others boast about it. but when applied in it's rightful use the gift of it brings a peace like no other. tell me why the Muslim can't love the Jew or why a black man can't love a white man? what if instead of pity the rich man loved the poor? why is it that the love we are suppose to have for our neighbor we now have for his things? i'm not sure what all the answers are to these questions, but unless we find them pretty soon, we may all end up wondering where all the love has gone. Praise God, be a blessing, bubba

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