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OK, I'm not sure why I'm writing this. I've already exhaled and the blueness in my face has faded into despair. the truth is, God does rule the day, it's just that the wicked rules the world. we can all go about our merry ways trying to give the rest what they have programed us to offer but no matter the prose the words are all the same. do this, and don't do that. either there is a God and you're never gonna get to heaven because you do this, or there isn't one, because there can't be, because no God would allow evil. that's it in a nut shell. so while wicked roams about collecting souls for the fuel the lost ponder their escape. Matthew 24: 24 False Christs and false prophets will appear. They will do great signs and miracles. They will try to fool God’s chosen people if possible. come on be truthful, how many of you went to a church today that told you the truth? or did they tell you that if you continue to do this or that you will go to hell? 1 John 2: 1 My dear children, I’m writing this to you so that you will not sin. But suppose someone does sin. Then we have one who speaks to the Father for us. He stands up for us. He is Jesus Christ, the Blameless One. the truth is i'm tired. I could go on and on about the sacrifices they ask for, the money they guilt you out of, the judgment they put on you and the isolation they request from you. but what gets me the most is the self-righteousness they fill your head with. telling you that you are better than those who do the same thing you did just yesterday. the saddest part is no matter what the Bible says they eventual convince you of any and everything they wish to. i'm just not gonna play anymore of these crazy games. the truth lies in the fourth verse of the first paragraph in the Bible, and the world continues to ignore it. churches don't teach it, either because they are blind to it or they don't want you to know it, and the wicked ignore it. I've tried to share it but it still goes unnoticed. here it is once again. Genesis 1: 4 And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. the reason for the creation of everything seen, was to separate the good from the bad. all things that corrupt God's creation will be cast off so all things created for God's love can live the life that He wishes them to have. the only thing required from us is to accept His love by understanding that He is worthy of it and believing Him over the liar. when we do this He puts His seed in us and it continues to grow inside us until we are transformed into what He created us to be. it's as simple as that. Praise God, be a blessing, bubba


Amen brother Bubbavela . . . continue preaching!


Well I went to a church this morning that spoke truth

Indeed God did separate the light from the darkness, and that is his responsibility for he alone knows what is light and what is darkness. We on the other hand are too readily fooled.

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