See the Light

is it true you are random occurrence from a mindless existence that exploded out of nothing, or are you a creation of something greater than yourself? that's what it comes down to. that is your choice to make. if the snakes of this world can convince you that being created by a loving, caring and intelligent life force is outrageous but being a random creature who was sprouted from an explosion of events that came from nothing, than your heart as been hardened, your ears have been closed and your eyes have been covered. it's almost like believing you can receive knowledge from a tree. let me ask you a question. if I told you that eating an apple would make you smarter than listening to your father, would you believe me? that is it in a nut shell, we must believe that the tree is smarter than we. the design of a universe must be a random display of unbelievable possibilities or someone greater than me is responsible. am I so vein to believe that no one could be more intelligent than this vessel that i'm carried in? I guess if I can believe that than I can believe that I can gain knowledge from a tree. what escapes me is how my dreams can come. how do I have a conscience? what puts the fear of God in my heart and why do I feel love? if matter can be banged to life than why wouldn't concrete feel? why wouldn't buildings speak and why does my brother risk his life to save me? if we came from a mindlessness than why do we have a mind? where is the science to explain this? regardless how much a mans brain is dissected or studied science can never give an explanation for the mind. the mind is an unseen truth that can never be revealed. it's the cause of my movements and the desire that drives me, yet it's never been seen. why does my heart give me one desire and my flesh another? why do I have conflict living inside me? why does my mind limit me more than someone else's? when we make toasters don't they all have the same limits? yet one seed can be planted right next to another and the trees they become still give different results. how can life be so random yet so perfect? can science explain that? I had one very caring and loving man ask me once, if God exist and the Bible is real than why did God have the Jewish people kill so many others? as if our minds can grasp a reason why God would do something. yet even my feeble mind can realize that his boys where willing to lay down their life's for him. how far of a stretch would it be to understand that a parent would instruct their own child in what's best for them. if I knew in advance that someone was going to hurt my child I would instruct him on how to avoid them. if causing the death of the other is the only answer than I would have to tell them that. what if you knew a tiger or a lion was going to come upon your child? would you give them a gun and instruct them how to use it for when they came upon one of them? the problem can't be believing something is greater than us, because mankind has made a mockery of God by creating images to worship. the problem comes in believing there is a difference between good and evil and not knowing that was the reason for our existence. in Genesis mankind is given their reason yet they have been blind in it's understanding. the first thing God does is separate the Light from the darkness. the Light being the evidence of truth and the lack of it being the existence of darkness. we were created because our Lord wanted to remove the darkness from penetrating the Light. currently we are all living in a world that has been given the knowledge of darkness so we can make our own choice to choose the Light. those who allow the lies to overtake the truths that have been inherited in them are children of the darkness and will not be given life in the realm in which darkness was removed. darkness has no Light in it and that brings a death to it. once the death becomes final than no longer can darkness be given access to the Light, because God has found that separating the two was good! See the Light! Praise God, be a blessing, bubba

Phillip Jones @asifbyfire ·

Speaking of the mind, the French philosopher Descartes is credited with saying, "I think. Therefore I am." God speaks therefore He is! Another interesting and thought provoking blog. Thank you. Phil

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