so what about you?

the greatest man of all wondered out loud right before his execution whether Jesus was really who He said He was. the most faithful man went outside his marriage because He thought that God had failed Him. the man with the purest heart allowed lust to conquer him and then committed murder to cover up his crime. the wisest man understood that living was meaning less because nothing could be accomplished that someone else hadn't already done. the man who determined right from wrong was denied entrance into the promise land because he struck a rock. the biggest enemy to the early Christians wrote half the new testament. the greatest prophet of all wanted God to kill him because he felt like he was no better than all the others. the man who saved Nineveh from destruction wanted them to all to die. the man who denied Jesus three times walked on water and sleep like a baby the night before he was to be put to death. the blinded Pharisee who watched as the Jews killed the Christians had to correct the leader of the early church. one of the 12 men Jesus chose to carry out His story sold Him out for 30 pieces of silver. Jesus' own brother didn't believe He was who He said He was until after He died. the rich man wouldn't give up his money and follow Christ. the crook who was crucified justly with Him was given everlasting life in paradise. and the first man that ever lived thought God had lied to him. even though all of these things are true, after everything was said and done all of these men gave up their lives for God except the one. in the end does it really matter what you've already done? does it really matter if you've made a mistake in your life or for that matter if you make one tomorrow? what all of these people have in common was that they all knew God. the truth is the only ones who wasn't given salvation was the ones who chose not to believe God, or chose something other than God to worship. so what about you? Praise God, be a blessing, bubba

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