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He comes not to punish but to rescue His followers from the evil that has taken over the world, His name is Jesus!!! from the beginning the only thing that was to remain is His Word and those who believed in it. the Spirit of life was always meant to live inside each and everyone of those whose heart was tender enough to accept His love. in as many days and as many ways as it takes to convince you that his love for you is real, is what He has in store for you. yet unless you receive it your destiny lies with the wicked.

evil waits for you like an evening dew ready to pounce on your soul to accompany it to the pit of doom. wanting to devour you is it's goal. it captures you in your youth with a promise of a brighter tomorrow and the idea that loving God is something that brings embarrassment. it convinces the world that believing in a Loving Creator instead of a random spark from nowhere is for the closed minded and confused.

this earth is only time away from an end. the stars and the skies above will one day meet it's maker. yet the truth will always be. the words written down for you to understand the links He has gone to show you the way will always remain for another day. His story isn't to bring you the death that evil's due, it is to take you home to Him. the lie is what the devil spells inside of you, it's called hate and when it covers you the love required to see you through to the home where God has built for you is never known.

King David the murdering adulteress was given a seed that spread His DNA throughout a world where His faithless rock known as Simon was sent to feed His message to all of us, along with everyone who was willing to receive the Spirit that He left inside of them. that Spirit lies within you and when you open your heart to it you receive the peace that only it can give, and the understanding that though everything else has an end, you and The Word will live for ever in your heart and in your mind.

Praise God,

be a blessing,


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