the plushest fields

the words spoken here mean nothing that time won't spin. the wicked may rule the walk but the victor blows the wind. my tomorrow wants to hide yet my future pleads for me. i'm ready for the truth to take its place and bring me to my knees. the lies a lie and the time has come for the One who loves me to separate this darkness from me. a life for a life i'm willing to spill, so hold out your hand. if God has ask anything of me it's to show an endless love they can't resist. so please Lord take my day and give me your tomorrow. i have given thought to what it means to be without you, therefore i do understand why life brings such sorrow. even the words that come out of me drives this spell that tortures me, and yet freedom awaits any man who tends to their listening. the whisper comes and the path opens up for those who follow. the cloud that leads our day in the dessert gives way to the light that beckons our darkness. the struggles may take a time from you but the wait is worth the while and the journey teaches us along the way. our time has come to prepare ourselves for this final passage. when the gifts that are given will never be taken away. when the love we show will be rewarded and the hunger that burns will be soothed. the thirst will be driven from you and the spring that flows eternal will quench your need. soon there will be endless tomorrows and a day will be like a thousand years. once we have crossed that line and we march toward the land of milk and honey the evil that awaits us will not have a chance. the faith that our journey has given will over whelm the wicked no matter the size of it's shape. the torment has no chance because the battle has already been promised to the King of Kings. so take up your sword and put on your garb and prepare yourself for the plunder. those things that evil has taken from you are waiting there along the road less traveled. those arrows that have brought you the pains from yesterday may take the button off of your shirt but that's all it can ever do, and the plushest fields holds the garments that will adorn you. Praise God, be a blessing, bubba

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