the scars are forgotten

and we come here because we know that faith is believing in something we do not see. we love something we can only feel in our bones. our faith has been tested through all kinds of grief and turmoil but in the end our reward will be much greater than any gold for our souls have been refined by fire. many have searched high and wide for this eternal bliss in vein. from kings to country men from the wisest scholars to the lowest peasants, they have all reached out for their salvation by their own works. but you who have been tested and tried, and who have kept the faith and remain strong in your understanding, know that His promise awaits you. our God is faithful a God, He speaks to us in our hearts and in our minds. while others wait for Him to appear to them through a physical form to raise them to a level they can adorn, the truly tested have been given the knowledge that loving Him has already brought them the joy that lives eternal. whether we wake in an alley in the city or under a tree in the desert we know that with Him to guide us all things are possible. we know this because we have already been left out in the cold, the heat and the rain; our worst nightmares have already come true and in the end He was there when all else had failed us. we know that there have been times when our wishes were to leave this world behind and as we cried out to Him he came. He didn't come as others do, He came in truth and revealed himself in our hearts with joy. He came when all was lost but hope and death, then He took the death and left the hope that lives. for now this is what we have, those of us who know Him and hear His whispers, we have faith, hope and Love. these are the gifts that can never be taken from us. by the blood of Jesus we are seen as the unblemished lamb that walks with the Spirit of God inside us. so if your storm has not found its finish line and your outcome has not yet been seen, hold onto that faith and left your head high for your redemption is near. though your struggles may seem endless and your wreckage may seem irreconcilable, know that nothing is to big nor to strong for Him to overcome. if it was yours yesterday but it has been taken from you today, know that it was never meant to be yours. but what he has set aside for you is much greater. though you may never see it or bask in it on this earth your destiny will be fulfilled and His promise to you kept. for faith is knowing and always believing that His Love is far greater and His power is larger than even the universe. He is and was the creator of all things. we may have to suffer these pains for just a lil while, but as a mother during child birth, afterwards our reward will be so great that even the scars are forgotten. Praise God, be a blessing bubba

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