the seeds that evil fell

did you know it was always God's intentions to gather us with Him in perfect unity? He's desire is for heaven and earth to be become like one through the love of God, and by the grace of Jesus one day He shall reign again over both of them. His purpose has always been to bring us together with Him by the blood of Christ. it is through our Spirit He guides us, so it is through our spirit that we shall live eternal with Him. our flesh is only a momentary reality to give direction and understanding of how to live and how to love. through Moses we were taught what was good to do, through Jesus we are taught how to receive love, and then how to love. it is because of evil that mankind is subject to the flesh. because man became like satan when he chose to step outside of our Lord's wishes. satan lured man away with promises that death would surely not come even though the truth was already known. it was because of this that man had to walk the flesh and be given over to the lie. the choice was made so the choice was given. to be received as one with God through His image or to be seen as evil and continue to live wrapped in the sin we are born into. whether we want to accept it or not the Spirit known as Holy comes to all through the blood of Christ. first to the dead, and then to us, those who walk the earth after the grace was given. mankind is without excuse because of the beauty given through God's love. His Spirit is left behind in our hearts to guide us in what's good and our minds have been given the truth through that same Spirit. if we choose to live through the Spirit that is left to guide us we live eternal through that grace and through that love. we shall be lifted in the time of wrath that remains for those that choose to live in the world that evil stained. those who live by the desires of this world, this false reality that wraps our spirit in the filthy rags that cover us, has been marked by the blood of Christ and unless we allow Him to launder our spirit and purify our soul than we too will die when the wrath for evil comes. death is a choice that we make when we believe the lie over the truth. when we choose to walk in the darkness as opposed to the light. when we choose the desires of our flesh over the desires of our heart. when we allow blindness to become us and when we choose to stop listening to the good He reminds us of. when we choose to blame God instead of the wicked that misleads us. yet life can come at anytime, for in an instance death can be washed away, like some flood that cleanses the earth we have been given a do over. this great and masterful plan to weed out the bad and keep the good to live eternal, captures the chosen ones, the ones that choose to live the life that was always intended. those whose desires isn't to profit themselves but those who chooses to live in unity in the Spirit known as Holy. as satan tries to mimic God's vision of love on this earth that is destined to burn, he gives false promises and enslaves us with selfish pride. if we continue to live in the flesh and for the flesh then we are destined to die in the flesh with him when his soul becomes the fuel for the fire. the lake of fire is sparked by his desire to reign over a world that only God could have created. so the choice is yours, you can accept that flicker of life that burns eternal inside of you by doing what is right, and throw off the desire to enrich yourself by the wicked that evil offers. this can only be done through the humility that satan is not willing to offer. you must first admit to this world that there is a higher power than you. you must accept that God has created you to be the love that he has given you to be. you must understand the love He has given you and the sacrifice He has made for you. you must understand that His love is offered as an alternative to death. you simply must choose Him over the evil. so where ever you are if you wish to choose life, lift up your head and say, Father i know now that you are real. i know now that you have always been inside me trying to guide me. please forgive me and make me whole with the Spirit you have left behind by the blood of Jesus. I accept your love to guide me, please Father give me the life you've always intended me to have. when you do this then you will become one of the chosen ones. one who has chosen the love of God over the wrath that satan brings. it is through this process that we can began to become whole. in our struggles a discipline cleanses us and makes us Holy. the storms of life slowly weed out the bad that's inside us and doses of faith are sprinkled like rain drops upon us. then one day we wake up to a morn that shines "the light" down on us and we can finally see the SON and the voice that we hear is the voice that leads us to the promise land where we will walk with Him in the coolness of that morn. when the final tally is reached we can never know, but you can rest assured there is a plan. promises made are promises kept and the gathering has been going long. one day heaven and earth will be reborn again, and our Lord will govern us as He always intended and we will praise Him as warriors rejoice when dividing the plunder. then there will be no evil left to mislead us down a tortured trail of hate and deceit and wicked lives that evil tried to live. Praise God fore how else was He going to rid the world of the seeds that evil fell? Praise God, be a blessing bubba

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