they your lords

hey did y'all know that when your little and you start losing your baby teeth that if you lay your tooth under your pillow at night the tooth fairy will come and remove it and leave money behind. the size of your house usually determines how much money is left. well this isn't true in all cultures just the one I grew up in. ok, later on when I got older I found out that it was just a trick that your parents play on you to get you to feel better about losing your teeth. but there is an Easter bunny that comes and hides colored or candy eggs in your lawn on Easter Sunday, so if you wake up and go look in your yard on Easter you can find them. except in some houses it leaves confetti eggs, and then if you live in an apartment the bunny may hide them on your patio. ok that's not true either, it's just another trick your parents play on you when you are little so they can try to get you all excited about eating eggs. oh, I got another one, did you know there is an old, chubby man with a white bread who dresses up in a red suit, who has rain deer fly him around the world once a year on Christmas eve, to leave toys for little children under their Christmas tree. well, for most people who have jobs and not to many kids. ok that's not true either, that's just another little white lie that our culture has told you, so they don't have to tell you the truth about another holiday they celebrate. in a world full of untruths our society goes way out of the way to invent stories to confuse us when we are children. yet in a world that wakes up everyday to a government that wants more and more of your money so they can give it to the poor people who don't have jobs, oh you not buying into that one any more either? let me ask you this, have you heard the one about a man named Jesus who went around the country side trying to get people to stop cheating, or lying to each other? apparently He told the folks that all the games that their leaders tried to make them believe was all untruths. He called them all hypocrites and liars and He told everybody they shouldn't listen to anymore of their lies. He said that if you just loved God more than all your possessions and everything else, and loved your neighbor as if your neighbor and you were the same person, than everything would turn out all right. they killed the guy, they hung Him on some tree because they said He claimed to be God. oh well, at least they still get to go around acting like they your lords. Praise God, be a blessing, bubba

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