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it's been quite sometime since i sat down here to speak words out of my fingers. these lil messages that God shared with me to keep me from going insane. troubles that trouble the weary could randomly destroy this lesser mind if not for the hope that's been intertwined.

i now see a world where the more fortunate have been broken before me. those that no longer cling to the riches that leads the world astray. cries of despair that led them to wonder in their heart what could have been. the no answer that keeps them seeking answers to why. the wicked has no chance when in the depths of our tortured souls we open the Book that holds the truth.

the plans of a man always ends with regret unless the world is ready and i can't deny mine. my search for all the reasons took me to another level of sorrow. it was when the things that couldn't be, suddenly seemed possible,that drove this man to the end of my boundaries. which path do i take, the one that promises me riches or the one that guarantees me a soul? does the anger win or would love shine the way? what was the truth, the lie that allows the compromise of others or the acceptance that the end can bring a new beginning?

when the choice is made and the second one chosen the harsh reality strikes like a serpent on a mission. the stings that could poison are barely sustained by the doses that are given. when the desires of the mind differ with the desires of the flesh the wickedness that's in the battle seems relentless. the words written must be consumed as if every word is a nutrition for the soul. in the beginning the food for our thoughts that He has left behind can barely keep the evil at bay. when the sinking goes free fall and the life of riley is stripped for that of Lazarus the torture goes into an all out assault and the war escalates to full awareness within. that's when the seed must be buried in the richest of soil.

the Word that's given by the Spirit known as Holy, can make us whole if we can weed out all the lies. the constant feeding of scripture is the only thing that can remind of a better time. one that's promised and must be pursued by faith. the promise that can only be felt in our hearts and envisioned in our minds. those things not seen are the only thing that can keep us hanging on. i know, i know, the world has no clue what i'm trying to say, but in my sorrows it burdens me that those left behind may be the ones that are still looking for the Savior to come and save them. arise and shine.

Praise God,
be a blessing,

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

[quote] which path do i take, the one that promises me riches or the one that guarantees me a soul? does the anger win or would love shine the way?[/quote]

These are questions that we must consider daily.


K :princess:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

Was blessed to see a blog of yours bubba. Thanks. God bless

Beth M @blest ·

Good to see you again, Bubba!
blessings, blest

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