Help Me Through

Break through the lies Break the deception in my life Show me truth; show me love I need You by my side. When I look into the mirror I see ugliness and shame I hear lies instead of the truth I see shattered pieces And my shattered past. Help me get through Make me new I want to see You. I know it breaks your heart To hear me speak lies about myself But each lie sounds like truth to me. Come and dry these tears Promise me You're here Every step I take You seem farther away Every breakthrough I see Another wall I have to breakthrough Come and help me through, Jesus. Memories I try to erase The past I wish I could escape Jesus please come and help me through It's only You I long for You So come and speak truth Come and help me through.. Come and hold my heart I still trust You through it all The harder I fall The closer I am To You and to the breakthrough in Your love I'm not giving up 'Cause You're near You will come and help me through. Help me get through Make me new I want to see You. To all those who feel alone Your breakthrough is coming To all you who are ashamed He has made you new To those who are hurting He is the ultimate Healer And He never lets go He will come and help you through Don't give up!

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