Hiding Underneath (Not About About Me)

I try so hard To be someone I'm not Fit into the image of a perfect Hide my heart that's marred. Look into the mirror Am I thin enough for them? Wear the right clothes Then they won't see What I'm hiding underneath My scars and my shame My broken past. Just want to belong I'll do whatever it takes So they like me But I'm not that strong I don't even know who I am anymore If you've ever felt this way Let me ask you: Is it really worth it? Losing everything for a reputation that will fade away? Say the right words Hang out with the right people Avoid the wrong people Just to belong somewhere But at the end of the day Their memory will fade And these reflections and imperfections Will to be gone. Nothing lasts in this life for long. Don't you know There's a greater love You don't have to earn or work for it He loves you just as you are With all of your scars He knows your broken past And the weight of shame But He calls you anyway. Royal priesthood Child of royal design More than a conqueror Not just an outcast Or prodigal son But you have a family And you belong just as you are. Jesus loves you with your scars He paid the price for your freedom But you give it all away for popularity. He knew you before the world was made Saw you in your sin But welcomed you in. He gave you a place where you belong.

Shirley Calhoun @startingover ·

Are these poems your own?...you know how to capture a feeling...they are very good...keep them coming. In Christ Shirley

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