Leaving Eden- A Revelation

Eden is what we once knew the world is what we know now There s no going back to Eden. But this world isn t our home either, We were weren t meant to live in this world with pain we created for Eden but now that we have left Eden there s no going back. This world was created to be beautiful (Genesis 1:25) but it feels like we re getting farther and farther away with every step we take. But we re also moving forward with every breath. Eden was our home; this world isn t our home. We are living for Heaven when He comes and wipes our tears away. This world is to make us see our desperate need for God and to make us long for Home. (Heaven) Eden was the glory of God but it s where everything fell apart. We don t want to go back to the way things used to be. While Eden was beautiful going back is not our mission it s not our purpose. Eden right now is the place we are leaving. Leaving our old life behind. Leaving our pain behind. We are leaving hopelessness and walking into hope knowing we were created for something better; something greater. Something we can t even imagine. While sometimes we long for the place we used to be we forget that God has something bigger planned. The children of Israel after seeing miracles and God s provision with their own eyes wanted to go back as soon as things got hard again. (Num. 11:4-6). Eden was glory; but Eden was also where we became slaves. Why would you want to go back to slavery? Have we forgotten who our God is? Have we forgotten what He s done? Have we forgotten what He s brought us from and where we are going? Right now we are leaving Eden and heading towards Heaven. But don t forget the inbetween. Yes there s heartache and there s pain but we must not forget that He is always with us and will never leave us. While we are on this earth we have been given the opportunity to know God in Spirit and be transformed by His great love and His work on the cross. Yet everyday moving forward with hope that we are not the same people when we left Eden but we are being changed from one thing to another. Everyday as we move toward heaven it s important not to try and get there as quickly as possible but enjoy every moment we ve been given good and bad. Stopping to make sure every person we meet knows the love of Christ and make sure they know they re headin home. Giving someone the hope that they were created for something greater than they could ever imagine; as we re leaving Eden. Eden is what we once knew; the world is what we know now; Heaven is what we will know; Heaven is where we re headin.


His Kingdom in our hearts-yes ever forward -forever Jesus! Thank you for sharing , dear Sister and a joy to see your writings again! God Bless you richly! Dave

Francis Owusu @heavenis ·

I am touched by this message and this is my little contribution to it. There are certain things i will rather leave behind having had this message because i have heaven on my mind. And these are vanities and vain words , on the contrary i will rather equip myself with the word of God , because i got heaven on my mind.

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