My Simple Love Song

This is nothing fancy just a love song I wrote to Jesus when I was at camp. The first half I wrote 8/17/2011 the second half on 8/21/11. Looking into Your eyes I see That you'll always take me back. Jesus I love You. Everywhere I look I'm reminded of Your beauty and majesty. To every sunrise and sunset The moon rising over the mountains I'm face with the truth; Your love never fails. Starring out over the lake, I see You standing there, You're walking to me. Arms open wide, Jesus I love You. I'm coming back to my first love, Returning to the passion I have in You, 'Cause it's Your love that draws me back to You, Back to the truth, I've always needed You. Your love meets my brokenness, And I'm healed again, Lost in Your loving eyes. Jesus I want You. Added 8/21/11 I see the lilies bloom, And then they sleep. Still I'm reminded that in an ever changing world, Your love stays the same. I'm overwhelmed by Your beautiful love, I'm drawn to You time and time again, Jesus I love You. As these tears are falling, And the healing begins, I see Your beautiful face again. You've made me new And I am not the same. Jesus I love You. Words can't express my love But it's all I have to give. Take my heart; take all I have And it will never be enough To say I love You Jesus

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