Never Stop Loving Me

God I want to give You my life Know You so much deeper than before To not only hear You whispering But to see You dancing over me. I don't deserve Your grace But You give it freely to me I don't want to serve the enemy I want to be Yours and only Yours But I can't do it by myself I need Your help. I keep messing up I spend time with You Worship You and love You But then in my pain I betray You again. Come and wash me Cleanse me again And show me Your love Show me, prove to me That truly nothing can separate us That no matter what You'll never stop loving me. I need You And I want You Wipe these tears from my face Wash me in Your grace. Come and heal my heart As I give You every expectation And watch You part seas before my eyes. Your love is enough To cover all of me Even when I walk away Still You walk with me. Jesus hear this prayer of mine I love You And I'm tired of living this way Sometimes the pain is overwhelming Yet there's a sense of joy and peace inbetween. I hurt but I know Your joy I cry yet experience Your peace I sin and I fall down Yet I experience Your love So please, never stop loving me. I will stray And walk away I will surrender everything And then pick it back up again And see new mercies everyday. So please, please come I need, I need You To show me Show me I'm loved. And never stop loving me

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