The Garden Treasure

Enter the garden Find the treasure Come alive again. Standing at the garden gate Hear the most beautiful sound Peek in through the fence And see only ordinary ground. A sign on the door "All are welcome Those who come to Me." "Come to Me you broken, You tired and heavy laden Come to Me you sorrowed ones Come and enter the garden of rest." Passing on by You decide it's not worth it It's a garden of ordinary life Nothing special about it. Not realizing the most precious of treasures awaits inside And sometimes beauty is in disguise The treasure hides And is found to those seeking Him. A piece of paper lands in front of you With the same handwriting as the sign on the door Keep seeking, keep knocking You'll find so much more. The treasure box is small And the package is light But that doesn't mean that's all. Deeper inside A treasure worth so much more Waiting to be discovered by you. But you've got to open it Enter the garden gates And you'll realize that the treasure was this: Unending love Perfect peace A life that doesn't end. A light box For as you lay your burdens down A freedom Is found. Enter the garden Find the treasure Come alive again. You are loved beyond measure Enter the garden gate and find the garden treasure.

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