The Interview At The Cross

*This is not the full telling of how it happened. This is just a poem I wrote based off something I heard someone speak and a vision God showed me. It's putting myself back in time as if I were following Him all the way to the cross. Written from the view of an interviewer.* There's a man Whose sole purpose was love; He came to "seek and save the lost" Heal the sick And proclaim His Father's glory. He came through a virgin Disguised and hidden Appearance of an ordinary man. He preached many wonders But never took glory for Himself. A crowd rose up And started talking They never understood His glory. He didn't save them as they had expected They claimed He wasn't the King to save them They wanted Him dead. To the court He went Still He stayed silent He never spoke up But did as they told Him. But there was someone still following After all His disciples left. Watching as they ripped His back out And spat in His face Watched as He forgave them once again. Still He said it was for His Father's glory. To the cross they led Him And to the cross He willingly went. There on the cross they asked Him one last time Why are You here? In response He says "I'm here to do My Father's will And to show them a better way." They ask Him "Are you the Son of God?" "I am who I have said I am." They leave Him there to hang Placing a crown of thorns upon His head. They see a person next to Him Ask why she's standing there next to Him "I'm here because He promised it would be worth it. He said there was a greater purpose And though things are hard He promised it was going to be worth it." I'm not denying the sins I've done But He's forgiven every one And now I'm following Him till the end He is worth the cost. Some say He's worth everything they have to give Some walk out as soon as things get tough He's given each person the choice To choose or reject No one understood His plan That a King would come so humbly And give away His life for the sins of many And that someone would follow Him Even when things get tough. With these words The interview is complete.

Beth M @blest ·

And though things are hard, he promised it would be worth it


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