The Kingdom Treasure

The cost The things you give up to follow Him You hear all about the price And you wonder is worth it? But have you seen the treasure? What He gave up to find you. The field in which He bought. Have you seen His love? Looked into His eyes. They tell you to count the cost But they don't show you the treasure. His love makes it worth it His grace gives you the freedom to choose. Go to the field And see the treasure Experience it for yourself And see if He's worth it to you. The love that gave everything for you See if He's the treasure worth buying. He's not just a cost But He's the thing you're so desperately desiring That you're willing to give everything up to have it. Open His word again And let His word speak to you for the first time. Be still and let His presence fall Listen for Him calling out to you. Experience His power His life changing power See for yourself the love He offers you. He is the treasure Don't focus on the cost Focus on the treasure And things you'll do for love. Jesus is the treasure.

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