An End To The ChristianBlog.Com Music Reviews

Hello Everybody,

We wanted to announce to the general public that ChristianBlog.Com has decided to terminate our "Music Review" feature here at www.ChristianBlog.Com due to a number of small factors.

At the end of the day we all have to ask yourself "Is what I did today productive for the Lord?"

Often times, those of us "behind the scenes" of websites come up with (what we feel) is a really great idea. Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not.

As we tend to think that we are responsible believers here at ChristianBlog.Com we try to analyze all of our activities, the activities of those helping us, the activities of our members - and from that try to gauge what is being successful and what is not.

There is an old statement that I learned from working on a horse ranch for a few years, "You have to learn when it's time to shoot a lame horse." While nobody ever enjoys having to put down a magnificent creature like a horse, at times it is in the best interest to, unfortunately, do just that.

In the world of ministry, life, careers, websites, and so forth, we too have to ask ourselves "has something we are doing become lame and holding us back?"

Unfortunately we have felt that, though a lot of effort went into the ChristianBlog.Com Music Review feature, it has just not excelled in the ways we had hoped it would.

Those writing the reviews have invested a great deal of time in writing each of their reviews, and the amount of comments for those reviews has been dismal at best.

Those people who were trying to build-up the Music Review Team have thrown their hats in and given up trying to find qualified music reviewers.

So what it really comes down to is that those people responsible for the over site of the entire website have decided it is time to pull the plug on the Music Review section of ChristianBlog.Com for now.

Perhaps it was a great idea - but just at the wrong time.

Perhaps it was the wrong person leading the Team - he would probably admit he was.

Perhaps it was just the wrong feature all together for a website devoted to blogging - it very likely is/was.

As Christians we MUST continually ask ourselves if what we are doing is a wise investment of time for those involved. When we put together all of the facts, all of the numbers, and all of the details, we have had to make the decision that the Music Review section of ChristianBlog.Com is just not a wise-investment for everybody involved.

For now we will be keeping our existing album reviews online at: , but we will be removing all other links related to it from the website.

We would like to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to those people who took the time to write the music reviews we have had!




Thank you to those three for your investment in time and efforts! We hope that in the future we will be able to bring back the ChristianBlog.Com Music Reviews feature and have you once-again share your love of music with others!

Thank you,

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