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Hello Everybody,

Effective a few hours ago the ChristianBlog.Com Services has imposed a new restriction for new members by limiting the total number of comments allowed within their first three Published Blog Entries. Over the course of three years of research we have been able to gather an amazing about of data that reflects the behavior of new members and what is commonly referred to as internet trolling and flamewars caused by new members with a goal of causing such issues.

At the heart of the matter is the goal of new members to cause strife and arguments by publishing content that they fully know will cause arguments or division.

1 Corinthians 8:9 speaks of being a stumbling-block towards others.
Proverbs 18:6 speaks of causing strife or contention towards others.
Colossians 2:4 speaks of deceit of what one speaks.

The Holy Text is filled with wisdom of how we must be careful of what we say, of who we allow around us based on what they say, and what we involved or do not involve ourselves in.

So it causes us great concern when new members to ChristianBlog.Com, members who rather than posting an introduction blog and a little about themselves; members, who rather than publishing a blog that encourages others, that blesses others; members that cause us great concern are those who right from the start make it clear and known they are here not to bless others, not to be blessed, not to become a part of the ChristianBlog.Com Community - but rather members who are here to be a stumbling-block, to cause strife and contention, to speak deceitfully.

Those are the members who we must take action against. Those are the members who need to realize that ChristianBlog.Com is not like 99% of the other websites on the internet that do not mind if people tear each other apart, who do not care if people are blessed or not, who do not care about the people, but rather the amount of content posted. That is not what ChristianBlog.Com is about. Here, we care about the people. We care about seeing people blessed and bless others. That is what being a Christian is about, so that is what we are about.

Unfortunately, sometimes the greater must suffer a little for the lesser. While ChristianBlog.Com tries very hard to not hamper the features we provide to everybody, sometimes, we must do what we must do in order to make things better for everybody.

Limiting the amount of Blog Comments that can be added to blogs by new members, based upon three years of research, is one of those unfortunate areas however. In this area we have found that the large majority (98%+) of those Blog Entries that turn into flame-wars are those Blog Entries who are published by members who have Published less than four (4) Blog Entries.

So with this in mind we have now put into place a restriction for new members.

How this works is that until a member has posted at least three (3) Blog Entries their Blog Entries will be limited to a maximum of ten (10) Blog Comments.

Once the member has Published at least four (4) Blog Entries all of their Blog Entries, including their first three, will be able to have an unlimited amount of Blog Comments, just like things have always been.

We have decided on the limitation of ten (10) allowed Blog Comments because the vast majority - at this time - of Blog Entries published by new members never receive more than ten (10) Blog Comments. The exception to this is when people Publish those Blog Entries for which this restriction exists for. Often times those "heated" Blogs can get into the 20, 30, or more Blog Comments range. When we finally lock down the Blog Entry, mysteriously, the Blog Author disappears and never published any additional Blog Entries, which is only further confirmation that the member had no other intention than to cause contention.

ChristianBlog.Com does not take the imposing of public discussion lightly. We have even allowed a great deal of public feedback be shared with us about this matter. What we must do as a Blog Service Provider is ensure that our members are protected, that we are providing the Services we claim to provide, and that we enforce our policies. All three of these factors lead us to the conclusion that what we have to do is put into place a method to prevent those members who join for no other purpose than to cause trouble, from having the means to cause additional trouble than what they can. By limiting the total amount of Blog Comments within their initial Blogs, we believe we will be able to greatly increase our ability to cause out of control Blogs by new members who are here only to cause trouble.

Thank you,

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

thank you for continuing to uphold godly standards on this's the main reason why i would never back to the websites i first started on and also be more decerning where i do go. day in a day out watching the some of the news everday and bring your spirits's still about god in us ,working thru us to bless others into his kingdom...

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Excellent change that I think will keep us from having some of the unfortunate experiences we have seen the past few months. Thank you!

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

This one definitely has my vote. That's all I'll say...

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

I think this is a good change as well. It definitely has my vote as well...


Alan Nethery @shadowalker ·

Amen, and amen... I believe this is definitely a positive change. I do not believe that this restriction will in any way affect those who are here seriously to uplift and encourage, and to be uplifted and encouraged. Thumbs up on this change!


Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

This is a good idea. So very simple and will probably solve a sometimes annoying problem.


Jeanette Pugh @jette ·

I just found this site today and was very impressed with your concerns and applaud the steps you have taken to try and correct the problem. I would just like to add that, as a new member, I understand completely and support your efforts. Well done!

Eileen Algaze @ladyvogue ·

I am a new member, but I am not here to start wars on CB. you are right when you stated

"Unfortunately, sometimes the greater must suffer a little for the lesser. While ChristianBlog.Com tries very hard to not hamper the features we provide to everybody, sometimes, we must do what we must do in order to make things better for everybody."

But I guess on my behalf this really stinks but got no other choice but to deal with it. So Thanks anyways...

Chris Gibson @youbetterbelieve ·

I have to thank God for everything I get. I have recently started a new venture and as life has always found a way to knock me down this venture has been cruising alone very nicely. THANKS to God for all that he does. Thanks to this site we can praise God for all he does. My son has traveled with his mom for Thanksgiving s for anyone who reads this comment say a little pray for his safe travel and when he gets home my new little business will hopefully be kicking along. Only through God can i look to be successful in a new business this day and time. Thanks God for all you do.


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