Blog Entries - The Return Of Access Permissions!

We have decided to expand our Privacy Settings Update a bit and bring back a modified feature we use to have that allows our members to select who is able to view the given Blog Entry.

At this time we have decided to allow the following three options:

[] Anybody can view it
] Only My Friends
, Only My Family

This is a further step of privacy that ChristianBlog.Com feels is a feature that continues to show that ChristianBlog.Com takes the privacy of our members very serious. We value our members and desire for them to be able to share the content that they are publishing to the entire world, or just their friends and/or family members.

This feature is not 100% implemented site-wide at this time. We will continue to work on this feature to expand our entire website until such time as it is 100% site-wide. If you are posting something that you may only want a few folks to see we ask that you hold-off for a week or so. The purpose of the announcement before it has been completed throughout the entire website is because we want to see what kind of feedback we will receive from our members about this new feature.

Also note that this is not available when editing Blog Entries - at this time. Once we are sure we have a solid understanding of what the ChristianBlog.Com Community wants/expects from this new feature we will get it working for when you edit existing Blog Entries.

We also want to point out that unlike how we previously did things when we had this feature, we will no longer allow "private" Blog Entries that only you yourself can view. This reason for this is that ChristianBlog.Com is not a Journal Service Provider - nor do we want to be.

Thank you and we look forward to feedback from the ChristianBlog.Com Community about this new feature.

For Christ's Ministry,

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

wow no comments... i figured this would have been something people would have loved to have... guess i was wrong. lol


John, I guess when you extend Friends to 1000 max, it practically opens access to everyone. So perhaps only 2 categories are necessary - family and everybody. I am happy with present access.


Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

agree with ptl2008

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Actually, I was sort of thinking of family, closest friends and everybody (since it is now expanded to 1,000 friends). There are things I've posted in my private group which I would not necessarily want everyone to read... including friends but the people who are my closest friends... I have to say I'd have no problem with them reading it. That's why they're my closest friends...

A lot of those people are in my private group but not all of them. It would be nice to share some things more easily with them and that would enable me to do it. Although, I am finding I wish the number of closest friends could be expanded just a bit if this were to be an option.

K :princess:

John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

@ptl2008, I would disagree that the "Friends only option" would be nullified now. Lets say for instance I want to write a blog that does not get published to the entire world, but only my friends. Without this option, I could not do that. Even if I do have 1,000 friends... I may only want those 1,000 people to be able to view it and not everybody who happens to stumble upon the website, or the search engines.

K Reynolds (@kreynolds), I do think I need to consider increasing the the max for "close friends" now - "consider" being the key word. Also, I think the idea of having a "close friends" option is something worth me investing the time into adding. It has more of a chance than increasing the max-friends... but I have been full of surprises lately... so, who knows.

John B. Abela
Founder/Owner, ChristianBlog.Com


John I think it is an excellent idea. It will help me immensely. You are a star.
ip addresses are showing under the shield on chat thing. Does pm work on that shield thing. How does it work? Is there a help option on here somewhere? This is the only chat site I have ever been on and I don't know how anything works.
God Bless you all.
God was so good to allow me the honour of coming on here. Thanks for your patience with me.

Alison McQueen

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